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bachelor husband

Category Romance Review: Bachelor Husband by Kate Hoffmann

Bachelor Husband
Bachelor Husband, Kate Hoffmann, Harlequin, 1995, Cover Artist unknown

Harlequin Temptation #525


4 1/2 Stars

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

This review is of Bachelor Husband, book #1 of 11 in the Bachelor Arms” Harlequin Temptation series from February 1995 by Kate Hoffmann.

“Bachelor Arms” Series Overview

This 11 book continuity series takes place in/around the Los Angeles apartment complex the “Bachelor Arms”. Why there are only 11 books in the series instead of 12 is an unsolved mystery. The books are written by four different authors: books 1-3 are written by Kate Hoffmann;  4-6 by JoAnn Ross; 7-9 by Candace Schuler; and 10-11 by Judith Arnold. Although the series has four different authors, there is a subplot running through each book of the series. 

Private Eyes…They’re Watching You

Bachelor Husband begins with Harry Truman “Tru” Hallihan, the hero of the book and a private investigator, working a case. He has been hired by multi-millionaire Simon Marshall to find out if his son-in-law, Hollywood producer Ellis Stone, is cheating on Marshall’s daughter, Marianne. Although Stone has had three after-hours meetings with a woman, Tru hasn’t found any really incriminating evidence. 

Later that night, at a poker game, Tru bets his friends he can discover the true identity of radio sex therapist Dr. Carly Lovelace and bring her to the weekly poker game. If Tru succeeds, his friends will cure his current financial anemia.


Tru easily discovers the real name of “Dr. Carly Lovelace”; she is really Dr. Caroline Leighton, the heroine of the book, and the woman Stone was meeting with. When Tru asks her to come to his poker game, she at first refuses but agrees when he agrees to help her out of a jam she’s in. (Caroline has an offer to take her radio show to television, but she needs a husband; Caroline is divorced. Tru agrees to play the role of “Lance Lovelace”, “Carly’s” paragon-of-virtue husband at a party Caroline is attending). Another reason for Tru’s agreeing: he’s very attracted to Caroline.

Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid

Tru is less happy to play Lance when Caroline micromanages his actions. Caroline is unhappy about having to spend significant amounts of time with Tru, as she is also attracted to him, but trying to fight it. Caroline and Tru stop fighting their attraction to each other and become lovers.

She’s Gone

After their intimate encounter, Caroline discovers Tru’s current job. She breaks up with him after jumping to a conclusion.

Method of Modern Love

Realizing he can’t live without her, Tru confesses his love for Caroline at the taping of her television show. They reconcile and have their Happily Ever After.


There’s a lot to like here. Caroline and Tru are the same age: 35. They both have doctorates, although Tru doesn’t use his. They’re both professionals. Caroline and Tru are a well-matched couple with good chemistry between them. 


Not much to complain about from my end of the world, although Caroline’s at times controlling personality-which Ms. Hoffman explains the reasons for in the book- may not appeal to all readers. 


One love scene that takes place during Caroline’s radio show, which is fairly hot but not super erotic. 


No physical violence.

Bottom Line

With Bachelor Husband, Kate Hoffmann gets the “Bachelor Arms” series off to a good start. It’s not a perfect book, but it is certainly in the “good-to-very-good” category.

Reviewed by Blue Falcon