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Link: Art of the Clinch by Virginia Moench

We were super-hyped when our Twitter friend, @GinnyMoesch, created this interactive presentation on the history and anatomy of the clinch cover. We adore romance cover art, and this graphic amazed us

anatomy of the clinch

Covers of the Week #43

George H. Jones was an artist with amazing talent. While not as well-known as Duillo, Pino, or McGinnis, his work is equally as compelling. For the week of Monday, February 7, 2022, to Sunday, February 13, let’s appreciate the handiwork of George H. Jones.


Covers of the Week #41 Alessandro Biffignandi

Alessandro Biffignandi was an Italian comic artist. For the week of Monday, January 17 to Sunday, January 23, 2022, here are some bright Alessandro Biffignandi painted romance covers. Enjoy!

beloved bondage kincaid

Link: The History of the Clinch Covers

At Dr. Maria DeBlassie’s blog Enchantment Learning she hosted a presentation by our Twitter pal Daily Clinch @Artof the Clinch. We recommend watching this informative video on the history of romance novel clinch covers. They touch upon the genre’s past as well as discussing pivotal cover artists, models, authors, and more.

night song
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