Historical Romance Review: Through the Storm by Beverly Jenkins

Beverly Jenkins’ Through the Storm is a romance about a former slave finding love during the American Civil War and Reconstruction Era with a man from a proud and established Louisiana family of Haitian descent. Through the Storm has gained high marks and positive reviews. For my part, I found it engaging, although I couldn’t help but think it needed tightening up in some areas. 3 stars

A Closer Look At Pino

pino at work

Giuseppi Dangelico Daeni, better known as Pino Daeni–or simply Pino–was a romance industry icon who created over 3,000 book covers in about 15 years. He spent almost the last twenty years of his life working as a fine artist of great acclaim. More than a mere illustrator, Pino is celebrated as a master painter of the 20th century.

Historical Romance Review: The Present by Johanna Lindsey

the present

Over 22 years and under two different publishers, Johanna Lindsey wrote 12 romances about the Malory & Anderson clans. These books were massive hits with her many fans. Her novel, The Present, is moderately short at just over 300 pages. It tells two parallel love stories set in different eras in England, portraying the Malory clan in the past and the “present.” For no matter how time changes, the love lives of the family remain the same. 3 1/2 stars

Age Differences In Romance

age differences in romanxw

Today, the age difference in romantic couples is between 2-3 years, with men mostly older and women younger. Romance novels love to play around with age gaps. One of the most common themes in these books is a significant age difference between the hero and heroine. Let’s take a look at some romances that have employed this trope.

Historical Romance Review: When Lightning Strikes by Kristin Hannah

when lightning strikes

Kristin Hannah is a successful author of women’s fiction. It’s fortunate she found success in that genre because her romances I’ve encountered are–sad to say–lacking in excitement. When Lightning Strikes is a time travel romance that starts out promisingly but takes a boring turn into snoozeville with its drawn-out plot. This should have been a category-length romance of 190 pages not 400 pages long!

Covers of the Week #35

outlaw hearts duillo

For years this face on romance novels has mesmerized me. For the week Monday, December 6, 2021, to Sunday, December 12, 2021, I’ve chosen a selection of category and historical romances illustrated by big-name authors, featuring a mysterious male cover model whose name I’ve yet to discover. If any of our readers have any idea who he is, I would love to know!

Free Book Give-Away: Enter To Win

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We’re giving away a mystery box of romances! Unfortunately, due to several factors, we can only ship within the United States. Please note these are previously read books, so they are in used condition ranging from good to excellent. To be eligible to win, simply complete the registration form. We will choose one winner at random.

Covers of the Week #34

exiled heart

Did you know George Bush was an artist? No, we’re not talking about that George Bush, although incidentally, he does dabble in painting. And no, we’re not referring to his papa, George Sr, either. Our Covers of the Week edition for Monday, November 29, 2021, to Sunday, December 5, 2021, highlights romance covers created by the very talented George Arthur (G. A.) Bush.

Romance Novel Title Generator

title generator

We’re having a little fun now that it’s the Holiday Season. Romance novel titles can be so generic that they blend together. This has always been so in the genre, whether it was 40 years ago or in the present day. We created a romance novel name generator that takes after the Zebra naming conventions. Use the initials of your name to create a unique title.