Robert Sabin

A Romance Cover Artist to Remember

Dashing Heroes and Heroines of Robert Sabin

Readers of Kensington’s Zebra romances should be familiar with the art of Robert Sabin.

His dashing heroes had piercing gazes and strong, sculpted physiques. The beautiful heroines embraced them as the wind blew through their long, flowing hair. The couple could embrace against a background of stunning land or sea-scapes that dazzled the eyes.

Robert Sabin art
Dove at Midnight, Rexanne Becnel, Dell

Education & Career

Robert Sabin is an American-born artist from Michigan. He was educated at Yale for his undergraduate degree and at Bennington College in VT for graduate studies.

Sabin has worked as a professional illustrator for book covers since 1977. He worked extensively with Kensington/ Zebra and Dell, as well as other publishing houses.

Robert Sabin art
So This Is Love, Elaine Coffman, Dell, 1993

Like the other artists who painted covers for Zebra like Pino, John Ennis, Walter Popp, and Franco Accornero, Sabin was prolific from the late 1980s to the later 1990s.

Sabin also designed covers for Patricia Veryan’s distinct-looking Georgian, Victorian, and Regency Historical romances 

had we never loved sabin
Had We Never Loved, Patricia Veryan, Fawcett Crest, 1992

Robert Sabin’s Art Today

In addition to designing gorgeous book covers, Sabin created artwork for interior illustrations, editorial illustrations, CD covers, and promotional brochures.

He is also a fine painter of portraits, including still-lifes, landscapes, and seascapes. Robert Sabin has taught art to a new generation of artists as well.

If you’re interested in more of Sabin’s fine art, you can visit his website for more details. Here is a sample of his artwork:

Robert Sabin art
Nessus Sphinx and Moonflower”, oil/panel, 24×16

Sabin’s book covers were quite beautiful and he was one of my favorite Zebra cover artists.

river of love bittner

Robert Sabin Covers

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