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romance reading planner

Free Printable Reading Planner For 2022

We’re offering a free printable reading planner for your convenience to use in 2022 to keep track of your reading list.

romance reading planner

New Year, New Resolutions

It’s a new year, and with that comes new resolutions. Are you trying to lose weight? Exercise more? Be more productive?

We’re familiar with those goals. You could also want to get more organized, follow through on objectives, and keep the momentum rolling.

Get 3 Pages to Download for Free

We’ve made a free 3-page printable reading planner and log that can help you get out–at least where reading is concerned. Print each page 12 times for a full year’s worth of journaling.

The reading planner and log feature spaces for setting reading goals, logging your daily reading progress, and tracking books you’ve read.

What’s more, our reading planner and log are completely free to download and print. Simply head to our website and click the download button to access the PDF. You can print it off as many times as you need, making it perfect for those who want to monitor their progress.

Whether you’re a voracious reader or trying to read more, our reading planner and the log is the perfect tool to help you achieve your reading goals. It’s easy to use, customizable to your preferences, and, best of all, completely free!

Click on the link below to download a free 3-page PDF reading planner kit.

Print as many sheets as needed.

FREE 3 Page Reading Planner Kit

Happy Reading in 2022

With this free printable planner, you can create your own specialized reading journal. Use them for your reading lists and notes, and take notes on your progress.

So why not give it a try? Download our reading planner and log today, and start tracking your reading progress to make 2022 a year full of new and exciting reading adventures.

We’ll be offering more printables and freebies in 2022. Happy reading!