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Covers of the Week #49


Theme: Protagonists of Irish Heritage

Here in the United States, March is recognized as Irish Heritage Month. This week also sees the arrival of St. Patrick’s Day, who is the patron Saint of Ireland. It’s a day when everyone celebrates Irish heritage, even if they have none. It’s a day of good cheer and festivity.

To take part in some of the fun this week, Sweet Savage Flame takes a look at romance book covers featuring Irish heroes or heroines.

The Covers

For the week of Monday, March 14, 2022, to Sunday, March 26, 2020, let’s appreciate some romance covers featuring American-set romances with protagonists of Irish ancestry.

unforgivable george hones

Covers of the Week #46

black couples in romance

Theme: Black or Afro-American Couples on Covers

The month of February in the United States is recognized as Black History Month. So this week, Sweet Savage Flame takes a look at some retro romance novels that portray Afro-American or Black couples in intimate embraces on the covers.

It wasn’t until the mid-1990s, when Pinnacle started their Arabesque line that mainstream romances began depicting relationships between Black partners.

Or even half-pairings. I’ve read many old-school romances with interracial couplings. Invariably the partner with African heritage was biracial, and usually, that part of their identity was kept secret.

Since then, horizons have broadened. There is more variety of characters in romance today than ever before.

Still, there were positive aspects from the late 20th century that brought us to where we are now.

Part of me wanted to make this an all-Beverly Jenkins edition. Jenkins is a pioneer in the romance genre and the “Leading Lady of Historical Romance” featuring Black couples. Her covers really were (and still are) divine. Lamentably, I haven’t been able to track down all the illustrators for her 1990s books. Avon has a spotty track record identifying cover artists.

The Covers

In honor of Black History month, for the week of Monday, February 21, 2022, to Sunday, February 26, 2022, let’s appreciate some older romance covers with Black or Afro-American protagonists.

Black Couples in Romance Covers (Clockwise)

  • Topaz, Beverly Jenkins, Avon, 1997, Steve Assel cover art
  • Unforgivable, Joyce McGill, Silhouette, 1992, George H. Jones cover art
  • A Strong and Tender Thread, Jackie Wegner, Harlequin, 1983, cover artist TBD
  • Sunshine and Shadows, Roberta Gayle, Pinnacle, 1995, cover artist TBD

Covers of the Week #43: George H. Jones

George H. Jones

The Artist: George H. Jones

My George Jones Experience

George H. Jones was an artist of remarkable talent. While not as well-known as Duillo, Pino, or McGinnis, to me his work is as compelling as theirs.

I encountered Jones’ gorgeous art while reading Harlequin Historical romances as a preteen. Highland Heather and Stranger In My Arms are two exquisite examples of his covers. They are forever etched in my memory. (As we’ve reviewed/highlighted those books before, we omitted them from this week’s showcase).

Only recently did I discover who this illustrator was. Since there are many George Joneses in the world, including several artists of distinction, it took some time to track down his information.

George Jones, Life & Career

George Jones was originally from Chicago and served in the Korean War. Later on, he moved with his family to Milford, CT. Jones broke into the New York City commercial art world in the 1970s. By the end of the decade, he produced illustrations for big publishers including Dell, Simon & Schuster, and Pocket Books.

Readers familiar with Silhouette Intimate Moments, Pocket Books’ Tapestry imprint, and early Harlequin Historicals should recognize his artwork. He produced covers for Fern Michaels, Janet Dailey, Nora Roberts, and many other popular authors. Jones passed away in 1993.

Jones’ use of light, bright colors (especially reds, golds, and purples), his unique brush strokes, and the hazy, dreamlike mood of his subjects combines to create memorable romantic tableaux.

The Covers

Whenever I come upon a new Jones cover, it is like celebrating Christmas, Halloween, and a single-digit birthday party all at once. There is no way to express the elation and admiration I feel when coming upon some never-before-seen Jones cover art.

For the week of Monday, January 31, 2022, to Sunday, February 6, 2022, we’re delighted to display the glorious handiwork of George Jones.

The Covers from Left to Right, Top to Bottom

  • Sweet Seduction, Julie Tetel, Harlequin, 1993
  • Heart of the Raven, Diane Wicker Davis, Avon, 1989
  • Wild Honey, Fern Michaels, Pocket Books, 1982
  • Marielle, Ena Halliday, Pocket Books, 1982

Your Opinion

What do you think of George H. Jones’ romance novel covers? Have you read any of these books? Which of our picks do you like the best, if any?

Do you have suggestions or requests for future Covers of the Week themes you’d like to see on Sweet Savage Flame? Let us know, and we’ll do our best to create a gallery of stunning art!

Please drop a comment, and let’s talk romance.