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Covers of the Week #81: Heroes with Capes


Theme: Caped Heroes

There’s something quite dashing about a hero who wears a cloak or a cape that flows in the wind. He doesn’t need to be a vampire to rock the look, as the garment is a staple for noblemen in Historical romances.

Legend says Sir Walter Raleigh laid his cloak down on the wet grounds so his beloved Queen Elizabeth would not be forced to walk in the mud.

Often in romance novels, during lovemaking scenes set outdoors, the hero would spread his cape on the ground, at which point he and the heroine would make love.

The Covers

These caped crusader heroes are our focus for our Covers of the Week for Monday, December 12, 2022, to Sunday, December 18, 2022. Books featuring handsome men wearing cloaks are always eye-catching, and we hope you enjoy these selections.

The Covers from Left to Right, Top to Bottom

Your Opinion

What do you think of these covers featuring caped heroes? Have you read any of them? Which of our picks do you like the best, if any?

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