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Covers of the Week #21

This week Sweet Savage Flame is highlighting male cover models! We all know Fabio, John De Salvo, and Steve Sandalis. But what about other men who modeled in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s? Looking at these attractive men, we can see how the image of the romance cover hero has evolved through the years.

sheik 1

Historical Romance Review: This Towering Passion by Valerie Sherwood

Lovely red-gold-haired, violet-eyed Lenore is the female protagonist of Valerie Sherwood’s This Towering Passion and the primary heroine of its sequel, Her Shining Splendor, which tells the tale of both Lenore and her daughter, Lorena, from the English Civil War to the Restoration eras. 4 stars

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