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Growing Pleasures

That title doesn’t sound right, I know, but I thought about what’s the opposite of growing “pains” so as to describe the changes coming to his site. In fact the more I think about it, that title has tumescent connotations. It simply pulses off the pages. Well, I suppose that’s appropriate for a blog specializing in vintage smut.

As I’ve been doing research into authors, publishing houses, and cover artists, I’ve found a lot of commonality among both historical and “contemporary” romance written during the final three decades of the twentieth century. Names, books, and covers kept popping up that seemed relevant. I had wanted to strictly keep this an old-school historical romance blog. Now I see I how shortsighted that was. I’m a reader of all old school romance–historical & contemporary–and there is strong connection between the evolution of the category and the historical romance genres. That special time in history needs to be told fully, if it’s to be remembered accurately.

It will take a bit of change, but I will be adding category (and perhaps gothic romance) authors, covers, and publishing information. I will only focus on romances that overlap the post-Flame and the Flower era to the end of the twentieth century. So while that means vintage romance, that won’t include comics, nurse romances, older Harlequin Romances, or gothics written pre-1970s (if I do gothics at all; to be honest, I’m not a big reader of them).

Hopefully this change will spark some lively conversations, as I’d love to hear your thoughts. Happy reading!

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