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Latino Heroes

Hispanic or Latino Heroes in Retro Romance

Latino Heroes

Hispanic Heroes in Romance Novels

Heroes of Hispanic heritage, be they European or from the Americas, have always been popular in romance novels. The allure of the Latin lover is legendary.

Although these male protagonists have different backgrounds and lives, they share a common trait. They are men of passion.

Some may be traditionalists, others more modern-minded. They can be billionaires, Dons, or working men who lifted themselves from their bootstraps, but they are always proud, strong, and loyal. Loyal to their families and, most significantly, the women they love.

When they speak words of endearment in Spanish, their heroines melt. Who can blame them?

From down in Argentina up to Canada, from the Pacific to the Atlantic, today we’re highlighting some Latino heroes in romances from North and South America.

north and south america

The List

Presented below is a brief listing of Latino heroes in romance novels. We could have scoured our archives and found many, many more, but we’re keeping this short so as not to overwhelm.

We’ll assemble a master list in due time. You can always check our archives using the hero-latino tag if you want to read reviews for romances featuring Hispanic male protagonists.

We’ve broken the list into Historical and Contemporary sections for your convenience.

Latino Heroes in Historical Romance

hispanic heroes
latino heroes love me only

Latino Heroes in Category & Contemporary Romances

(Abbreviations: BL – Bantam Loveswept; HI – Harlequin Intrigue; HP– Harlequin Presents; HR – Harlequin Romance; HT– Harlequin Temptation; SD – Silhouette Desire; SIM – Silhouette Intimate Moments; SSE – Silhouette Special Edition)

  • Surrender Baby, Suzanne Forster (BL) – Geoff Dias/Spanish-American
surrender baby
  • Personal Protector, Debra Webb (HI) – Ric Martinez/Mexican
  • Whisper My Name, Gayle Wilson (HI) – Rio Delgado/Mexican
  • Beloved Deceiver, Flora Kidd (HP) – Cesar Estrada/Dominican-Canadian
  • The Latin Lover’s Secret Child, Jane Porter (HP) – Lucio Cruz/Half Argentian-half Indian
  • The Black Eagle, Anne Hampson (HP) – Juan Armando Ramires/ Mexican
  • Marriage in Mexico, Flora Kidd (HP) – Sebastian Suarez/Mexican
  • Pale Dawn, Dark Sunset, Anne Mather (HP) – Rafael de Cueras/ Mexican
  • Some Like it Hotter, Roz Denny (HR) – Chino Delgado/Mexican
  • Wildcat, Candace Schuler (HT) – Ben Oakes/ Mexican-American
  • Ripe For the Picking, Mary Tate Engels (HT) – Bret Meyer/ Mexican-American
  • The Right Moves, Sharon Mayne (HT) – Miguel Santiago/Mexican
  • Wedding Fever, Susan Crosby (SD) – Diego Duran/Mexican
  • Paladin’s Woman, Beverly Barton (SIM) – Nick Romero/Mexican
  • An Irresistible Man, Kylie Brant (SIM) – Cruz Martinez/Mexican
  • A Man to Die For, Suzanne Brockman (SIM) – Felipe Salazar/Mexican
  • The Matador, Barbara Faith (SIM) – Ricardo Montoya/Mexican
  • In Close Quarters, Candace Irvin (SIM) – Tomas Juan Vasquez/Mexican
  • Dreams of Evening, Kristin James (SIM) – Tonio Cruz/Mexican
dreams of evening

  • Red Hot, Catherine Palmer (SIM) – Ruben Salazar/Mexican
  • Within Reach, Marilyn Pappano (SIM) – Rafael Contreras/Mexican
  • Stranger by her Side, Susan Sizemore (SIM) – Rafael Castillo/Mexican
  • Rio Grande Wedding, Ruth Wind (SIM) – Alejandro Sosa/Mexican
  • Long-Lost Wife?, Barbara Faith (SIM) – Luis Alarcon/Cuban
  • Heat of the Moment, Joanna Marks (SIM) – Alex Cordera/Cuban
  • Meant to be Married, Ruth Wind (SSE) – Elias Santiago/Mexican-American
meant to be married
touch the wind

Your Opinion

Is there a particular Hispanic hero that you remember fondly? What are your favorite books featuring Latino heroes in the Americas?

As always, please drop a comment, and let’s talk romance.

Sweet Savage Flame Podcast: #6 Sweet And Sexy Heroes from Old School Historical Romances

We’ve compiled a list of six sweet and sexy heroes from some amazing historical romances. These remarkable men will have you swooning with their devoted adoration for their women.

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6 Harlequin Presents Villains

6 Horrifying Villainous Heroes in Harlequin Presents

6 Harlequin Presents Villains

Evil Heroes

Since Halloween is just around the corner, it’s time to take a look at the scary side of romance. No, not Gothic romances, although we’ll get to more soon. We’re talking about villainous heroes in romance novels.

The Harlequin Presents line was notorious for the cruelty some male protagonists could inflict upon their heroines. Most of these books are surprisingly well-written. Yet the horrific truth is that the hero could be the villain in a romance.

Villainous main characters were popular forty years ago, and they still continue to be popular with readers to this day. Why would anyone ever want to read romances where heroes are the bad guys?

shiny carved pumpkin and knife on halloween night

Well, why not? So long as we understand we’re reading fiction, at times, it’s hypnotizing to take a peek at the darkness that lurks beneath the human surface. To witness what sadistic torments twisted love can create.

And then, thankfully, close the pages on that romantic nightmare.

Harlequin Presents’ Villainous Male Main Characters

At Sweet Savage Flame, we’re equally about the Sweet… And the savage.

We’ve compiled a list of 6 villainous heroes from Harlequin Presents romances. We have placed them in order of publication. It would be near impossible to rank which male main character is the evilest.

Trick or Treat.

Andreas, Storm Centre

Only Charlotte Lamb could create such a despicable hero as Andreas and still make the story so hypnotizing! Storm Centre is a car wreck read.

6 villain heroes
Storm Centre, Charlotte Lamb

Burke, Mansion For My Love

Mansion For My Love was a hard book to review. I’ve both hated and loved many of Robyn Donalds Harlequin Presents.

villain hero romance Mansion For My Love, Robyn Donald3
Mansion For My Love, Robyn Donald

Nicholas, The Guarded Heart

Another cruel Robyn Donald hero! Now this book, The Guarded Heart I despised Nicholas so much. He was irredeemable!

villain hero romance The Guarded Heart, Robyn Donald
The Guarded Heart, Robyn Donald

Hugo, Shattered Dreams

Sally Wentworth created yet another hero who in a crazed, jealous lunatic. But the writing was compelling in Shattered Dreams!

villain hero romance
Shattered Dreams, Sally Wentworth

Jake, Indiscretion

Anne Mather usually wrote reliably entertaining books. Indiscretion was like a gory car crash I couldn’t look away from!

6 villain heroes 6
Indiscretion, Anne Mather

Mark, The Marriage War

And finally, here’s Charlotte Lamb with another detestable hero with The Marriage War. Even Lamb’s stellar writing couldn’t make the villain hero, Mark, likable.

6 villain heroes
The Marriage War, Charlotte Lamb

Your Opinion on Villain As the Hero in Romance

Do you think these villainous heroes are too cruel for love? What other heroes in romance could qualify as villains? Please, drop a comment, and let’s talk romance.

sweet heroes

6 Sweet & Sexy Heroes from Old School Historical Romances

6 sweet and sexy heroes

Six Heroes We Love

We’ve compiled a list of six sweet and sexy heroes from some amazing historical romances.

These remarkable men will have you swooning with their devoted adoration for their women.

The Heroes

Stephen MontgomeryHighland Velvet by Jude Deveraux

highland velvet bennett

We reviewed Jude Deveraux’s Highland Velvet a few months ago at Sweet Savage Flame. In this early Tudor-era romance, Stephen Montgomery is given Bronwyn MacArran’s hand in marriage.

It’s his reward for his valiant deeds for King Henry VII. Instead of finding a willing bride, Bronwyn is bitter about the forced arrangement with a hated Englishman.

She cares only for her Scottish clan and her lands. Stephen will do everything in his power to prove to Bronwyn that he’s the right man for her and her people. Stephen is kind, patient, and humorous in contrast to his sour wife.

His sacrifices for her might make you sigh, either in delight or frustration because he does do much for Bronwyn!

Stephen is a wonderful hero who will melt your heart.

Burke DrummondNight Fire by Catherine Coulter

night fire

Night Fire by Catherine Coulter stars one of her few truly nice guy heroes. Arielle and Burke Drummond met years ago when she was 15.

Burke instantly fell in love with Arielle but was called to war against the French. In the interim, Arielle was forced into marriage with a cruel, elderly lecher.

Burke returns to find Arielle a bitter widow, suffering post-traumatic stress from the abuse she endured. She wants nothing to do with men, while Burke’s feelings for Arielle still run strong.

Thus unfolds a tender, emotional love story where Burke patiently woos Arielle, although he is a randy rascal. Her recovery takes time, and Burke is there to give her genuine support and understanding. Meanwhile, a wicked villain has his eye on Arielle.

Will Burke also be there to save her before it’s too late?

Noel BouchardWicked Stranger by Louisa Rawlings

Wicked Stranger

Another romance we’ve reviewed featuring a fantastic hero is Louisa Rawling’s Wicked Stranger. Noel Bouchard is a charming, devil-may-care Frenchman who’s seen the horrors of war. He wants nothing in life but to live it to the fullest, for he knows each day could be his last.

In New York, Noel meets the dour heiress, Elizabeth Babcock, and somehow falls for her despite her sharp tongue and prickly exterior.

He sees the vulnerable woman beneath and vows to bring joy to Bess’ life. Noel is a rogue in the most wonderful sense of the word, introducing Bess to romance and adventure.

Noel’s contagious joie de vivre will surely make you fall for him as Elizabeth does.

AngelAngel by Johanna Lindsey

The eponymous Angel of Johanna Lindsey‘s 25th romance novel is a gunslinger whose background is shrouded in mystery.

Abandoned by his family at a young age, he goes by the name his mother called him as a young boy. Angel is not a traditional romance hero. For one thing, he’s very short.

Moreover, Angel wants nothing to do with the heroine, Cassie Stuart, a meddlesome young lady with a black panther.

Somehow he finds himself trying to help Cassie out of a mess she’s gotten herself into. Cassie is more than capable of using a weapon, but she needs Angel’s help to save her ranch.

The humor here is utterly delightful, and the chemistry between the two protagonists is sizzling.

Angel is a hero to die for.

Alex Raiford Then Came You by Lisa Kleypas

then came you lisa kleypas

Then Came You by Lisa Kleypas is another book we’ve reviewed here. “Lawless” Lily Lawson is intent on breaking her sister’s arranged betrothal to the priggish, stuffed-shirt Lord Alex Raiford, as her sister is in love with another man.

When Lily arranges an elopement for the pair, Alex takes his revenge upon Lily in a most sensual manner.

What makes Alex so appealing is beneath his staid exterior, he’s a vulnerable man. Alex is afraid to love again and be hurt after his fiancee died many years ago in a horse-riding accident.

Despite his arrogance, it’s his kindness that wins Lily’s heart. His gentleness with children is completely endearing.

Rory PrescottDakota Destiny by Dana Ransom

dakota destiny

In Dakota Destiny, con artist Norah Denby has arrived in town, and she’s on the move to make a score. She certainly has no interest in a wet-behind-the-ears cowboy like Rory Prescott.

When Norah finds out Rory’s the youngest son of a wealthy Dakota ranch dynasty, her partner in crime sets his sights on swindling Rory out of some major cash.

Can Norah go through with the con?

Rory is like an overgrown puppy dog: adoring and trusting, and he wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s unrefined, rough around the edges, and a total contrast to Norah’s more sedate and cerebral nature.

Rory’s love for his family and his horse named Rosebud are nothing compared to his passion for Norah. Dakota Destiny by Dana Ransom deserves a look for this sincerely sweet romance hero.

Your Opinion?

What do you think about our picks? Have you read any of these romances? What do you think of these heroes?

As always, please drop us a comment, and let’s talk Romance.