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wild magnolia

Covers of the Week #12

Theme: Funny Romance Covers

I’ve been a bit behind things this past week, so I haven’t focused on the site as I should have. To make up for it, I’ve chosen a selection of covers by good artists gone bad. These funny-looking romance covers have made me smile, laugh, or raise my eyebrows and wonder what they were thinking.

The Covers

For the week of June 28 to July 4, 2021, enjoy this small sample of funny or awful-looking covers from romances from four different artists for our Covers of the Week.

#1 They’re getting it on at the docks, her hair is in the water, but at least she knows to hold on to that parasol for sun protection. Priorities.

(Wild Magnolia, Wanda Owen, Zebra, 1992, Pino cover art)

#2 Is it just me, or does that poor cat look like an experiment from “The Island of Dr. Moreau”? Is it supposed to be a Scottish wildcat or a Lynx? Either way, it seems so sad. Put the poor dear out of his misery!

(Wildcat Tamed, Mary Wibberley, Harlequin, 1977, cover artist Don Berco)

#3This infamous cover is notable for the three-armed heroine, one hand on the ground, the other at her side, and the last holding the hero’s arm. It speaks highly of the hero that he loves her the way she is.

(Castles in the Air, Christina Dodd, Avon, 1993, Robert Maguire cover art)

#4 – The hero of this book was supposed to be a most beautiful-looking male and a very buff Naval officer. Nothing wrong with being fluffy, but Lucky does not look fit for military service. It’s not the funniest of covers per se. However, Brockmann was so disappointed with the result that she sent her customers happy face stickers to cover up Lucky’s face!

(Get Lucky, Suzanne Brockmann, Silhouette, 2000, cover artist unknown)