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Category Romance Review: Jinxed by Day LeClaire

Jinxed, Day Leclaire, Harlequin, 1990, cover artist to be determined

Harlequin Romance #3028

4 1/2 stars

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Day LeClaire’s Jinxed has the honor of being the third romance I read. I recall my first four romances so vividly since they arrived free of charge in a package on my doorstep when I was about 12. There were 4 Harlequin Romances: Game Plan, Arafura Pirate, Spell Of The Mountains, and Jinxed. Jinxed was the best of the bunch.

The Plot

The character of Stephen was the precursor of what would be my favorite type of hero: blond, blue-eyed, with an icy demeanor and stuffed shirt attitude, who, because of the burdens put upon by his family, took life way too seriously, and just needed some wonderful, outrageous woman who would make him loosen up and have some excitement.

The heroine Kit was a total klutz. But she was also was intelligent, great at her job, lots of fun, and loved by her nieces and nephews. I so adored her character because I, too, was quite clumsy (who am I kidding, was??) and she was the most relatable heroine I’d come across so far.

Kit worked for Stephen at his toy company in the development department where she’d create lots of amusing games for kids and an occasional messy explosion.

I remember Kit getting into an accident after accident, ruining both her clothes and her boss’s white silk shirt. Fortunately, Stephen was such an anal-retentive type that he had a closet filled with backup white shirts in his office, plus a shower in case he got dirty on the job. (As this was a mild Harlequin Romance he never got dirty doing the dirty!) But then Kit ruined his backup shirts as well. That shameless hussy Kit just wanted to see him shirtless! 🙂

Final Analysis of Jinxed

Jinxed was so funny, and sweet; a real screwball romp. This book must have been fairly popular because I see it was eventually retold in manga form! I’m upping my rating on this one because I’m sure I’d enjoy it today as much as I did back then.