Used Book Store Shipping and Handling

You may have noticed there’s now a STORE attached to this blog site. I’ve decided some Spring cleaning is on the agenda, so I’m reducing my library by selling USED BOOKS. I have many, many books to sell, but there are few, if any, doubles, so it’s first come first serve if you find something you’d like to purchase from my vintage-and-not-so-vintage collection.

The quality of these books range from Excellent to Acceptable for reading and they are priced to sell. The lowest books cost 50 cents, and most used books average about $2-4 each, depending on their condition, availability, and demand.

***Shipping and handling is a default flat rate of $4 for Media Mail to anywhere in the US. This flat rate is for orders of 10 books or fewer.***

If you wish for a faster method of delivery, please amend your order to First Class, which is a $6 flat rate, or to Priority Mail, which is a $9 flat rate.

Ordering more than 10 books may require insurance or additional handling and packaging charges, so please inquire about shipping costs before ordering.

If you would like to ship to Canada or the UK, please send inquiries for the cost.