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Pages read: 35,512

  1. Desert Slave (Zebra Heartfire) by Miranda North★★★½
  2. Guilty Love (Harlequin Presents #1706) by Charlotte Lamb★★★★★
  3. Other Woman, The (Harlequin Temptation #451) by Candace Schuler★★★
  4. Wild One, The by ★★
  5. Hard To Get (Harlequin Presents #724) by Carole Mortimer★★★½
  6. Guarded Moments (Harlequin Temptation #296) by JoAnn Ross★★★½
  7. Savage Surrender by Cassie Edwards★★
  8. Sweet Savage Love by Rosemary Rogers★★★★
  9. Woman Hater (Silhouette Romance #532) by Diana Palmer★★★
  10. Stranger In My Arms (Harlequin Historical #90) by Louisa Rawlings★★★★★
  11. Colorado Jewel (Zebra Heartfire) by
  12. Raven by Shana Carrol★★★½
  13. Lovers Touch (Harlequin Presents #1216) by Penny Jordan★★½
  14. Melting Ice (Harlequin Romance (Special Subscription) #55) by Rosalie Ash★★★
  15. Texas Treasure (Zebra Historical) by Victoria Thompson★★★
  16. Skye O'Malley by Bertrice Small★★★★
  17. My Steadfast Heart (Zebra Historical Romance) by Jo Goodman★★½
  18. And Gold Was Ours by Rebecca Brandewyne★★★½
  19. Nobility Ranch/ To Love a Lady (Zebra Ballad) by ★★★★½
  20. Charlotte (Belmont Tower) by
  21. Captive Angel (Zebra Historical) by Deana James★★★★★
  22. Perfect Marriage, A (Silhouette Intimate Moments #621) by Laurey Bright★★★
  23. Savage Obsession (Zebra Historical Romance) by Cassie Edwards★★
  24. Passionate Affair, A (Harlequin Presents #563) by Anne Mather★★★½
  25. Moon Witch (Harlequin Presents #38) by Anne Mather★★★½
  26. Gentle Rogue by Johanna Lindsey★★★★★
  27. Texas Triumph (Zebra Lovegram) by Victoria Thompson★★★
  28. Wish on the Moon (Harlequin Presents #1278) by Sally Wentworth★★★★
  29. Defy Not the Heart by Johanna Lindsey★★★★★
  30. Yankee Mistress (Zebra Heartfire) by ½
  31. Could It Be Magic (Harlequin Temptation #283) by Gina Wilkins★★★★
  32. Rebel Vixen (Zebra Heartfire) by Dana Ransom★★★★★
  33. Nebraska Fires (Zebra Lovegram) by ★★★★
  34. Beloved Deceiver (Harlequin Presents #1058) by Flora Kidd★★★½
  35. Heather by Cordia Byers
  36. Dakota Flame (Zebra Lovegram) by Sonya T. Pelton★★½
  37. Ecstasy's Fire (Zebra Lovegram) by ★★★½
  38. Lady Bought With Rifles, A by Jeanne Williams★★★½
  39. Silver Link, The (Harlequin Historical #93) by ★★★★
  40. Angel's Caress (Zebra Historical Romance) by Deana James★½
  41. Sheik, The by Edith Maude Hull★★★★★
  42. These Golden Pleasures by Valerie Sherwood★★★
  43. Texas Temptation (Zebra Lovegram) by Gina Robins★★★★
  44. Outrageous Proposal, An (Harlequin Presents #1737) by Miranda Lee★★★★½
  45. Bold Texas Embrace (Zebra Lovegram) by Victoria Thompson★★½
  46. Shanna by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss★★★★
  47. Pirate's Wild Embrace (Zebra Lovegram) by Kate Douglas★★★
  48. Passion's Paradise (Zebra Historical Romance) by Sonya T. Pelton★★★
  49. Midnight Fires (Zebra Historical Romance) by Carol Finch★★★★
  50. Dark Fire (Silhouette Desire # 462) by Elizabeth Lowell★★★★
  51. Savage Rapture (Zebra Historical Romance) by Sylvie F. Sommerfield★★★★½
  52. Naked Flame, A (Harlequin Presents #747) by Charlotte Lamb
  53. Devil in a Silver Room (Harlequin Presents #5) by Violet Winspear★★★★★
  54. Destiny's Splendor (Zebra Lovegram) by Kathleen Drymon★★★½
  55. Mansion For My Love (Harlequin Presents #567) by Robyn Donald★★★
  56. Tender Savage (Zebra Lovegram) by Phoebe Conn★★★
  57. Liar's Moon (Candlelight Ecstasy Supreme #159) by Heather Graham★★★
  58. Passion's Chains (Zebra Lovegram) by Catherine Creel★★★★½
  59. Dangerous Obsession by Natasha Peters★★★★★
  60. Traitor's Kiss (Zebra Heartfire) by Terri Valentine★★★
  61. Marriage War, The (Harlequin Presents #1913) by Charlotte Lamb½
  62. Lion's Lady, The by Julie Garwood★★★★
  63. Comanche Bride (Zebra Lovegram) by Emma Merritt★★★
  64. Rumor Has It (Harlequin Romance #3040) by Celia Scott★★★★★
  65. Cherish Me, Embrace Me (Zebra Historical Romance) by Sylvie F. Sommerfield★★★★★
  66. Italian's Wife, The (Harlequin Presents #2235) by Lynne Graham★★★½
  67. Glory Days (Harlequin Temptation #308) by Marilynne Rudick
  68. Comanche Love Song (Zebra Heartfire) by Cheryl Black½
  69. Savage Possession (Harlequin Presents #366) by Margaret Pargeter★★★★
  70. Night Fire by Catherine Coulter★★★★
  71. Ride the Free Wind (Zebra Historical Romance) by F. Rosanne Bittner★★★★★
  72. Once More With Feeling (Silhouette Intimate Moments #2) by Nora Roberts★★★★
  73. Love's Fiery Jewel (Zebra Historical Romance) by Elaine Barbieri
  74. Defiant Ecstasy (Zebra Historical Romance) by Janelle Taylor★★★★
  75. Rapture's Ransom (Zebra Historical Romance) by Betina Krahn★★★★
  76. Sweet Savage Surrender (Zebra Lovegram) by Kathryn Hockett½
  77. Passion's Slave by Kay McMahon
  78. Tempt Not This Flesh by Barbara Riefe★★
  79. White Lion's Lady (Ivy Books) by Lara Adrian, Tina St. John★★★★★
  80. Golden Sovereigns, The by Jocelyn Carew★★★★½
  81. Lone Star Surrender (Zebra Lovegram) by Carol Finch★★★★★
  82. Hearts Aflame by Johanna Lindsey★★★★
  83. River of Love (Zebra Historical Romance) by F. Rosanne Bittner★★★★★
  84. Breath of Scandal, A by Connie Mason★½
  85. Autumn's Fury (Zebra Lovegram) by Emma Merritt★★★★★
  86. Midnight Kiss by Nancy Gideon★★★½
  87. Rapture's Rage (Zebra Historical Romance) by Bobbi Smith★★★★
  88. Midnight Angel by Lisa Kleypas★★★½
  89. My Name is Clary Brown by Charlotte Keppel★★★★★
  90. Texas Wildcat (Zebra Lovegram) by Linda Benjamin★★★★
  91. Wild Island Sands (Zebra Historical Romance) by Sonya T. Pelton
  92. Forbidden Ecstasy (Zebra Historical Romance) by Janelle Taylor★★★★
  93. Captive Heart (Zebra Lovegram) by Phoebe Conn★½
  94. Rapture's Rendezvous (Zebra Historical Romance) by Cassie Edwards★★½
  95. Hearts Enchanted (Zebra Historical Romance) by Penelope Neri★★★★
  96. Passion Flower (Zebra Historical Romance) by Jennifer Horsman★½
  97. Embrace the Wild Land (Zebra Historical Romance) by F. Rosanne Bittner★★★★★
  98. Angel Heart (Zebra Lovegram) by Victoria Thompson★★★★


Pages read: 54,464

  1. Heart So Wild, A by Johanna Lindsey★★★★½
  2. Across a Starlit Sea by Rebecca Brandewyne★★★★
  3. Escape Not My Love by Elaine Coffman★★★★★
  4. Taming, The by Jude Deveraux★★
  5. Masquers (aka Splendid Torment), The by Natasha Peters★★★★
  6. Devil's Desire by Laurie McBain★★½
  7. Love, Cherish Me by Rebecca Brandewyne★★★★★
  8. Stormfire by Christine Monson★★★★★
  9. Born to Love by Valerie Sherwood★★★★
  10. Purity's Passion by Janette Seymour★★★★
  11. While Passion Sleeps by Shirlee Busbee★★★★
  12. Wildest Heart, The by Rosemary Rogers★★★½
  13. Black Lyon, The by Jude Deveraux★★★★½
  14. This Ravaged Heart by Barbara Riefe★★★
  15. Edin's Embrace (Zebra Lovegram) by Nadine Crenshaw★★★★★
  16. So Wild a Rapture by Andrea Layton★★½
  17. Passion's Proud Captive by Melissa Hepburne★★★★
  18. Tender Warrior by Fern Michaels★★★★
  19. Divided Heart by Angelica Aimes★★★
  20. Innocent, The by Bertrice Small
  21. Viking Rose (Zebra Lovegram) by Ashland Price½
  22. Highland Tryst (Tapestry) by Jean Canavan½
  23. Call Back Yesterday (Harlequin Presents #253) by Charlotte Lamb★★★★
  24. Escape From Desire (Harlequin Presents #569) by Penny Jordan★★★½
  25. Moment of Desire by Rachel Cosgrave Payes★★★★★
  26. Fantasy (Harlequin Presents #840) by Emma Darcy★★★★★
  27. This Triumphant Fire by Anne Carsley★★★½
  28. Pirate's Love, A by Johanna Lindsey
  29. Elegant Barbarian (Harlequin Presents #1682) by Catherine Spencer★★★★★
  30. Tara's Song by Barbara Ferry Johnson★★
  31. Purity's Ecstasy by Janette Seymour★★★½
  32. Silver Storm by Cynthia Wright★★★½
  33. Perfect Couple, The (Silhouette Intimate Moments #775) by Maura Seger★★
  34. Palace of the Peacocks (Harlequin Romance #1318) by Violet Winspear★★★½
  35. Stolen Spring by Louisa Rawlings★★★★½
  36. Simply Irresistible (Mills & Boon Romance #3922; The Australians $12) by Miranda Lee★★★★½
  37. Stormspell by Anne Mather★★★★½
  38. To Touch the Sun (Harlequin Historical #98) by Barbara Leigh★★★★
  39. Winter's Heat by Denise Domning★★½
  40. Wildcat (Harlequin Temptation #284) by Candace Schuler★★★★★
  41. Beware of the Stranger (Harlequin Presents #256) by Janet Dailey★★½
  42. Temporary Wife (Harlequin Presents #109) by Roberta Leigh★★★★½
  43. Texas Tempest (Zebra Lovegram) by Deana James★★★★
  44. Different Worlds (Harlequin Temptation #332) by Elaine K. Stirling★★★★
  45. Terms of Surrender (Harlequin Historical #46) by Mollie Ashton★★★★
  46. Tiger, Tiger (Harlequin Presents #1931) by Robyn Donald★★★½
  47. Love Unspoken (Harlequin Presents #636) by Carole Mortimer★★★★½
  48. Carnival (Harlequin Intrigue #138) by ★★★
  49. My Heart's Undoing (Silhouette Special Edition #290) by Phyllis Halldorson★★★½
  50. Heart of the Falcon by ★★★★
  51. Convenient Bridegroom, A (Harlequin Presents #2067) by Helen Bianchin½
  52. Wicked Loving Lies by Rosemary Rogers★★★★★
  53. Gypsy (Harlequin Signature Edition) by Carole Mortimer★★★
  54. Storm Maiden by Mary Gilgannon★★½
  55. Magic of You, The by Johanna Lindsey★★★★★
  56. Taken By You by Connie Mason★★
  57. Lion Rock, The (Harlequin Presents #662) by Sally Wentworth★★★
  58. Four Dollars and Fifty-One Cents (Silhouette Desire #613) by Lass Small★★★★★
  59. Raven (Zebra Historical Romance) by Evelyn Rogers★★★★★
  60. Changing the Rules (Harlequin Temptation #299) by Gina Wilkins★★★★½
  61. Don't Ask Me Now (Harlequin Presents #984) by Emma Darcy★★★★★
  62. Sea Fires (Zebra Lovegram) by Christine Dorsey★★★★
  63. Spell of the Mountains (Harlequin Romance #3027) by Rosalie Henaghan★★★★
  64. Desert Hostage by Diane Dunaway★★★★
  65. Stay Through the Night (Harlequin Presents #344) by Flora Kidd★★★½
  66. Enchantress Mine by Bertrice Small★★½
  67. Stranger in My Arms by Lisa Kleypas★★★★½
  68. Change of Life (American Romance #362) by Judith Arnold★★½
  69. Claiming the Courtesan by Anna Campbell★★
  70. Coach to Hell, The by Rachel Cosgrave Payes★★½
  71. Shattered Dreams (Harlequin Presents #629) by Sally Wentworth★½
  72. Seduction (Harlequin Presents #428) by Charlotte Lamb★★★★★
  73. Beloved Enemy (Zebra Heartfire) by Jane Feather★★
  74. Come Back to Me (Harlequin Presents #1321) by Catherine George★½
  75. Asking for Trouble (Harlequin Presents #1614) by Miranda Lee★★½
  76. This Towering Passion by Valerie Sherwood★★★★
  77. Show Me (Harlequin Presents #200) by Janet Dailey★★
  78. Curse of Kenton, The by Janet Louise Roberts★★★★½
  79. Surrender to Love by Rosemary Rogers★★★
  80. Highland Velvet by Jude Deveraux★★★★★
  81. Lady of Fire by Anita Mills★★★★★
  82. Love's Glorious Gamble (Zebra Heartfire) by Dana Ransom★★★
  83. Texas Torment (Zebra Lovegram) by Catherine Creel★★
  84. Lovespell (Zebra Historical Romance) by Deana James★★★★½
  85. Dedicated Man, The (Candlelight Ecstasy Romance #192) by Lass Small★★★★
  86. Uncommon Vows by Mary Jo Putney★★★★★
  87. Fires of Winter by Roberta Gellis★★★
  88. Waterfalls of the Moon, The (Harlequin Presents #112) by Anne Mather★★★½
  89. Beyond Compare by Penny Jordan
  90. Siren Song by Roberta Gellis★★★★
  91. Captive Melody (Zebra Heartfire) by Nadine Crenshaw
  92. Forever Mine, Valentine (Harlequin Temptation #288) by Vicki Lewis Thompson★★★★½
  93. Lightning That Lingers, The (Loveswept #25) by ★★½
  94. Sweet Savage Heart (Zebra Lovegram) by Janelle Taylor★★★★★
  95. Heir, The by Johanna Lindsey★★
  96. Kathleen's Surrender (Zebra Historical Romance) by Nan Ryan★★★★★
  97. Nelson's Brand (Silhouette Desire #618) by Diana Palmer★★
  98. Red Rose For Love (Harlequin Presents #522) by Carole Mortimer★★★★★
  99. Sweet Fire (Zebra Lovegram) by Jo Goodman★★★★½
  100. Blood Red Roses by Katherine Deauxville★★★★★
  101. Tangled Hearts (Harlequin Temptation #333) by JoAnn Ross★½
  102. Sweet Prairie Passion (Zebra Historical Romance) by Rosanne Bittner★★★★★
  103. Dakota Dreams (Zebra Lovegram) by Constance O'Banyon★★★
  104. Once a Princess by Johanna Lindsey★★
  105. Texas Storm (Zebra Lovegram) by Deana James★★★½
  106. Treacherous Heart, The by
  107. Man in Control (Candlelight Ecstasy Supreme #35) by ★★★
  108. Moonstruck Madness (Dominick Family 3) by Laurie McBain★★★★½
  109. Midnight Captive (Zebra Historical Romance) by Penelope Neri★★★★★
  110. Then Came You by Lisa Kleypas★★★★★
  111. Forbidden Fantasy (Harlequin Temptation #367) by Tiffany White★★★★
  112. Sirocco (Harlequin Presents #683) by Anne Mather★★★½
  113. So Speaks the Heart by Johanna Lindsey★★★★
  114. Passion’s Treasure (aka Just Say Yes) (Zebra Heartfire) by Betina Krahn★★★
  115. Cheap Thrills (Harlequin Temptation #318) by Tiffany White★★★½
  116. Frost and the Flame, The by Drusilla Campbell★★★★½
  117. Savage Ecstasy (Zebra Historical Romance) by Janelle Taylor★★★
  118. Violation, A by Charlotte Lamb★★★
  119. Ready, Willing and Abel (Silhouette Desire #590) by Nancy Martin★★★★½
  120. Speak Only Love (Zebra Historical Romance) by Deana James★★★½
  121. Viking Magic (Harlequin Presents #1681) by ★★★★
  122. Shadows On the Moon (Magnum Books #4200-14) by ★★★★
  123. Tangled Tapestry (Mills & Boon Romance #419) by Anne Mather★★½
  124. Rangoon by Christine Monson★★★½
  125. Highland Fire (Harlequin Historical #91) by ★★★½
  126. Whisper to the Waves (Sapphire Romance) by Helen Beaumont★★★★
  127. Hearts of Fire by Anita Mills★★★★
  128. Tender Is the Storm by Johanna Lindsey★★★
  129. Lord of Hawkfell Island, The by Catherine Coulter★★½
  130. Secret Fire by Johanna Lindsey★★★★★
  131. Passions Wild and Free by Janelle Taylor★★★
  132. Love to Last Forever, A (Candlelight Ecstasy Supreme #126) by Linda Randall Wisdom★★★½
  133. Sarina by Francine Rivers★★★★
  134. Seduced and Betrayed (Harlequin Temptation #553) by Candace Schuler★★★★½
  135. Paradise and More by Shirl Henke★★★★
  136. A> Loverboy (Harlequin American Romance #389) by Judith Arnold★★★★
  137. King's Pleasure, The by Shannon Drake, Heather Graham★★★★
  138. Dark Before the Rising Sun by Laurie McBain★½
  139. Passion's Bride; aka (Captain's Lady, The) (Zebra Historical Romance) by Jo Goodman★★★★
  140. Jade Affair, The (Harlequin Temptation #326) by ★★★★½
  141. Sunset Temptation (Zebra Heartfire) by Jane Toombs
  142. Hilltop Tryst (Harlequin Romance #3071) by Betty Neels★★★
  143. Silver Devil, The by Teresa Denys★★★★½
  144. Texas Fire (Zebra Lovegram) by Caroline Bourne★★½
  145. Meant to Be Married (Silhouette Special Edition #1194) by Ruth Wind★★★★★
  146. Lady in the Mirror (Harlequin Temptation #561) by Judith Arnold★★★
  147. Honey Is Bitter, The (Harlequin Presents #6) by Violet Winspear★★★★
  148. Timeless Love (Harlequin Temptation #565) by Judith Arnold★★★★½
  149. Too Many Husbands (Harlequin Temptation #282) by Elise Title★★★★½
  150. Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas★★★★
  151. Marriage on the Rebound (Harlequin Presents #1973) by Michelle Reid★★★★
  152. Present, The by Johanna Lindsey★★★½
  153. Through the Storm by Beverly Jenkins★★★
  154. Texas Blonde (Zebra Lovegram) by Victoria Thompson★★★★★
  155. Angel in Scarlet by Jennifer Wilde★★★★
  156. For the Love of Sara (Harlequin Presents #148) by Anne Mather★★