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Pages read: 28,561

  1. Desert Slave (Zebra Heartfire) by
  2. Guilty Love (Harlequin Presents #1706) by Charlotte Lamb
  3. Other Woman, The (Harlequin Temptation #451) by Candace Schuler
  4. Wild One, The by
  5. Hard To Get (Harlequin Presents #724) by Carole Mortimer
  6. Guarded Moments (Harlequin Temptation #296) by
  7. Savage Surrender by Cassie Edwards
  8. Sweet Savage Love by Rosemary Rogers
  9. Woman Hater (Silhouette Romance #532) by Diana Palmer
  10. Stranger In My Arms (Harlequin Historical #90) by Louisa Rawlings
  11. Colorado Jewel (Zebra Heartfire) by
  12. Raven by
  13. Lovers Touch (Harlequin Presents #1216) by
  14. Melting Ice (Harlequin Romance (Special Subscription) #55) by
  15. Texas Treasure (Zebra Historical) by Victoria Thompson
  16. Skye O'Malley by Bertrice Small
  17. My Steadfast Heart (Zebra Historical Romance) by
  18. And Gold Was Ours by Rebecca Brandewyne
  19. Nobility Ranch/ To Love a Lady (Zebra Ballad) by
  20. Charlotte (Belmont Tower) by
  21. Captive Angel (Zebra Historical) by Deana James
  22. Perfect Marriage, A (Silhouette Intimate Moments #621) by
  23. Savage Obsession (Zebra Historical Romance) by Cassie Edwards
  24. Passionate Affair, A (Harlequin Presents #563) by Anne Mather
  25. Moon Witch (Harlequin Presents #38) by Anne Mather
  26. Gentle Rogue by Johanna Lindsey
  27. Texas Triumph (Zebra Lovegram) by Victoria Thompson
  28. Wish on the Moon (Harlequin Presents #1278) by Sally Wentworth
  29. Defy Not the Heart by Johanna Lindsey
  30. Yankee Mistress (Zebra Heartfire) by
  31. Could It Be Magic (Harlequin Temptation #283) by Gina Wilkins
  32. Rebel Vixen (Zebra Heartfire) by Dana Ransom
  33. Nebraska Fires (Zebra Lovegram) by
  34. Beloved Deceiver (Harlequin Presents #1058) by
  35. Heather by
  36. Dakota Flame (Zebra Lovegram) by
  37. Ecstasy's Fire (Zebra Lovegram) by
  38. Lady Bought With Rifles, A by Jeanne Williams
  39. Silver Link, The (Harlequin Historical #93) by
  40. Angel's Caress (Zebra Historical Romance) by Deana James
  41. Sheik, The by
  42. These Golden Pleasures by
  43. Texas Temptation (Zebra Lovegram) by Gina Robins
  44. Outrageous Proposal, An (Harlequin Presents #1737) by Miranda Lee
  45. Bold Texas Embrace (Zebra Lovegram) by Victoria Thompson
  46. Shanna by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
  47. Pirate's Wild Embrace (Zebra Lovegram) by
  48. Passion's Paradise (Zebra Historical Romance) by
  49. Midnight Fires (Zebra Historical Romance) by Carol Finch
  50. Dark Fire (Silhouette Desire # 462) by
  51. Savage Rapture (Zebra Historical Romance) by Sylvie F. Sommerfield
  52. Naked Flame, A (Harlequin Presents #747) by Charlotte Lamb
  53. Devil in a Silver Room (Harlequin Presents #5) by Violet Winspear
  54. Destiny's Splendor (Zebra Lovegram) by
  55. Mansion For My Love (Harlequin Presents #567) by
  56. Tender Savage (Zebra Lovegram) by Phoebe Conn
  57. Liar's Moon (Candlelight Ecstasy Supreme #159) by
  58. Passion's Chains (Zebra Lovegram) by Catherine Creel
  59. Dangerous Obsession by Natasha Peters
  60. Traitor's Kiss (Zebra Heartfire) by
  61. Marriage War, The (Harlequin Presents #1913) by Charlotte Lamb
  62. Lion's Lady, The by Julie Garwood
  63. Comanche Bride (Zebra Lovegram) by Emma Merritt
  64. Rumor Has It (Harlequin Romance #3040) by
  65. Cherish Me, Embrace Me (Zebra Historical Romance) by Sylvie F. Sommerfield
  66. Italian's Wife, The (Harlequin Presents #2235) by Lynne Graham
  67. Glory Days (Harlequin Temptation #308) by
  68. Comanche Love Song (Zebra Heartfire) by Cheryl Black
  69. Savage Possession (Harlequin Presents #366) by Margaret Pargeter
  70. Night Fire by Catherine Coulter
  71. Ride the Free Wind (Zebra Historical Romance) by F. Rosanne Bittner
  72. Once More With Feeling (Silhouette Intimate Moments #2) by Nora Roberts
  73. Love's Fiery Jewel (Zebra Historical Romance) by Elaine Barbieri
  74. Defiant Ecstasy (Zebra Historical Romance) by Janelle Taylor
  75. Rapture's Ransom (Zebra Historical Romance) by Betina Krahn
  76. Sweet Savage Surrender (Zebra Lovegram) by Kathryn Hockett
  77. Passion's Slave by Kay McMahon
  78. Tempt Not This Flesh by Barbara Riefe
  79. White Lion's Lady (Ivy Books) by Lara Adrian, Tina St. John
  80. Golden Sovereigns, The by Jocelyn Carew
  81. Lone Star Surrender (Zebra Lovegram) by Carol Finch
  82. Hearts Aflame by Johanna Lindsey


Pages read: 34,756

  1. Heart So Wild, A by Johanna Lindsey
  2. Across a Starlit Sea by Rebecca Brandewyne
  3. Escape Not My Love by Elaine Coffman
  4. Taming, The by Jude Deveraux
  5. Masquers (aka Splendid Torment), The by Natasha Peters
  6. Love, Cherish Me by Rebecca Brandewyne
  7. Stormfire by Christine Monson
  8. Purity's Passion by
  9. While Passion Sleeps by Shirlee Busbee
  10. Wildest Heart, The by Rosemary Rogers
  11. This Ravaged Heart by Barbara Riefe
  12. Edin's Embrace (Zebra Lovegram) by Nadine Crenshaw
  13. So Wild a Rapture by
  14. Passion's Proud Captive by Melissa Hepburne
  15. Innocent, The by Bertrice Small
  16. Escape From Desire (Harlequin Presents #569) by
  17. Moment of Desire by
  18. Pirate's Love, A by Johanna Lindsey
  19. Tara's Song by Barbara Ferry Johnson
  20. Purity's Ecstasy by
  21. Perfect Couple, The (Silhouette Intimate Moments #775) by Maura Seger
  22. Stolen Spring by Louisa Rawlings
  23. Stormspell by Anne Mather
  24. To Touch the Sun (Harlequin Historical #98) by
  25. Winter's Heat by
  26. Wildcat (Harlequin Temptation #284) by Candace Schuler
  27. Beware of the Stranger (Harlequin Presents #256) by Janet Dailey
  28. Temporary Wife (Harlequin Presents #109) by Roberta Leigh
  29. Texas Tempest (Zebra Lovegram) by Deana James
  30. Different Worlds (Harlequin Temptation #332) by
  31. Terms of Surrender (Harlequin Historical #46) by
  32. Carnival (Harlequin Intrigue #138) by
  33. Wicked Loving Lies by Rosemary Rogers
  34. Gypsy (Harlequin Signature Edition) by Carole Mortimer
  35. Magic of You, The by Johanna Lindsey
  36. Taken By You by Connie Mason
  37. Lion Rock, The (Harlequin Presents #662) by Sally Wentworth
  38. Four Dollars and Fifty-One Cents (Silhouette Desire #613) by
  39. Raven (Zebra Historical Romance) by
  40. Stay Through the Night (Harlequin Presents #344) by
  41. Enchantress Mine by Bertrice Small
  42. Change of Life (American Romance #362) by Judith Arnold
  43. Coach to Hell, The by
  44. Shattered Dreams (Harlequin Presents #629) by Sally Wentworth
  45. Beloved Enemy (Zebra Heartfire) by
  46. Come Back to Me (Harlequin Presents #1321) by
  47. Curse of Kenton, The by
  48. Surrender to Love by Rosemary Rogers
  49. Highland Velvet by Jude Deveraux
  50. Lady of Fire by Anita Mills
  51. Love's Glorious Gamble (Zebra Heartfire) by Dana Ransom
  52. Texas Torment (Zebra Lovegram) by Catherine Creel
  53. Lovespell (Zebra Historical Romance) by Deana James
  54. Uncommon Vows by
  55. Waterfalls of the Moon, The (Harlequin Presents #112) by Anne Mather
  56. Captive Melody (Zebra Heartfire) by Nadine Crenshaw
  57. Forever Mine, Valentine (Harlequin Temptation #288) by
  58. Lightning That Lingers, The (Loveswept #25) by
  59. Sweet Savage Heart (Zebra Lovegram) by Janelle Taylor
  60. Heir, The by Johanna Lindsey
  61. Kathleen's Surrender (Zebra Historical Romance) by Nan Ryan
  62. Nelson's Brand (Silhouette Desire #618) by Diana Palmer
  63. Red Rose For Love (Harlequin Presents #522) by Carole Mortimer
  64. Blood Red Roses by Katherine Deauxville
  65. Sweet Prairie Passion (Zebra Historical Romance) by
  66. Once a Princess by Johanna Lindsey
  67. Man in Control (Candlelight Ecstasy Supreme #35) by
  68. Midnight Captive (Zebra Historical Romance) by Penelope Neri
  69. Then Came You by Lisa Kleypas
  70. Forbidden Fantasy (Harlequin Temptation #367) by Tiffany White
  71. Sirocco (Harlequin Presents #683) by Anne Mather
  72. So Speaks the Heart by Johanna Lindsey
  73. Passion’s Treasure (aka Just Say Yes) (Zebra Heartfire) by Betina Krahn
  74. Cheap Thrills (Harlequin Temptation #318) by Tiffany White
  75. Frost and the Flame, The by Drusilla Campbell
  76. Savage Ecstasy (Zebra Historical Romance) by Janelle Taylor
  77. Ready, Willing and Abel (Silhouette Desire #590) by
  78. Speak Only Love (Zebra Historical Romance) by Deana James
  79. Shadows On the Moon (Magnum Books #4200-14) by
  80. Rangoon by Christine Monson
  81. Highland Fire (Harlequin Historical #91) by
  82. Hearts of Fire by Anita Mills
  83. Tender Is the Storm by Johanna Lindsey
  84. Secret Fire by Johanna Lindsey
  85. Passions Wild and Free by Janelle Taylor
  86. Love to Last Forever, A (Candlelight Ecstasy Supreme #126) by
  87. Sarina by
  88. Paradise and More by Shirl Henke
  89. A> Loverboy (Harlequin American Romance #389) by Judith Arnold
  90. Dark Before the Rising Sun by
  91. Jade Affair, The (Harlequin Temptation #326) by
  92. Sunset Temptation (Zebra Heartfire) by Jane Toombs
  93. Silver Devil, The by Teresa Denys
  94. Honey Is Bitter, The (Harlequin Presents #6) by Violet Winspear
  95. Timeless Love (Harlequin Temptation #565) by Judith Arnold
  96. Too Many Husbands (Harlequin Temptation #282) by
  97. Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas
  98. Marriage on the Rebound (Harlequin Presents #1973) by Michelle Reid
  99. Present, The by Johanna Lindsey
  100. Texas Blonde (Zebra Lovegram) by Victoria Thompson
  101. Angel in Scarlet by
  102. For the Love of Sara (Harlequin Presents #148) by Anne Mather
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