Category Romance Review: Healing Touch by Judy Gill

Healing Touch, Judy Gill, Bantam 1993, cover artist TBD

Loveswept #605


3 Stars

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The Book

This is another mini-review drawn from my ever-waning 30-year-old memories of books I read long ago.

Judy Gill’s Loveswept #605, Healing Touch, had a rather memorable start as the heroine, Heather, bungee jumps naked. I forget what it was for, but it was supposed to be for a good cause. Apparently, naked bungee jumping is real, as a Google search shows a quarter of a million hits. I admit I looked… Yikes!

Plus, there was a contestant on The Bachelor a few years back who did that on a date, causing some controversy. (I don’t watch tv and don’t keep up with this stuff.) So you know right from the outset that the heroine isn’t the “traditional” super modest type.

Air Force Major Dr. Rob McGee instantly notices Heather. What guy wouldn’t?

He’s her total opposite. Rob’s a single dad, a straight-laced kind of guy, while Heather is more of the free-spirited type. Rob is looking for commitment and knows she’s not the kind of woman he needs in his ordered military life, but he can’t help but pursue the lovely Heather. Heather’s not so sure if she wants to be tied down rather than her usual of being tied up😉.

Final Analysis of Healing Touch

The two have great sexual chemistry, but Rob wants more than just sex. Can Heather overcome her fears of intimacy and take the biggest plunge yet?

Healing Touch is a pleasant romance between two strong-willed leads.

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