Wynema McGowan – Catching Rainbows


First Edition
First Edition
Mass Market Paperback
ISBN: 0786002816
ISBN13: 9780786002818

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Joe Willie Everett knew Sissy Heck was going to be a handful from the day she arrived in Two Sisters, Minnesota. As sheriff of a bawdy town booming with saloons, gambling clubs, and brothels, it was his job to make sure the place didn’t get any wilder and woollier than it had to. Which is why Sissy Heck worried about him. She’d come all the way from New York to this place stuck in the middle of nowhere. He figured she had to be running from something–there was no other reason a genteel, well-bred lady would arrive alone on the frontier, with only the clothes on her back for luggage. The lady had secrets, but Joe had a few of his own–not the least of which was a strong yearning for Sissy. He was even starting to wonder if that fire in his belly might just be love. But first Sissy had to be convinced that a rough-and-tumble man would keep her safe and happy. Joe wasn’t exactly an old hand at courtship, but there was a first time for everything…


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