Susan Kearney – Conquer the Mist



First Edition
Mass Market Paperback
ISBN: 0843944374
ISBN13: 9780843944372

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Like her ancestors before her, Princess Dara O’Dwyre held her claim to the misty lands of Leinster with fierce determination. So when Strongheart, Britain’s foremost Norman knight, rode into Ireland declaring he’d help defend her castle, the fiery redhead swore she’d never yield to the warlike outsider. And when, in an attempt to forge a powerful alliance, her father promised her in marriage to the swarthy Norman, Dara vowed that neither the power of Strongheart’s sword nor the lure of his virile body would sway her proud spirit and her untamed heart. But as enemy troops drew ever closer to seizing Leinster, Dara found herself unable to resist the temptation of his fiery kisses. And she realized only when she learned to trust her most hated enemy could they unite in rapturous bliss and together…CONQUER THE MIST

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