Maureen Kurr – Northward the Heart



First Edition
Mass Market Paperback
ISBN: 0843922990
ISBN13: 9780843922998

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Could her passion overpower her pride?

Ambyre, lovely young handmaiden of Aelfwyn, former Queen of Mercia, felt nothing but burning hatred for the warlike Danes who had invaded the land. When she was mistaken for Aelfwyn and kidnapped by Raff Olafsson’s Viking raiding party, Ambyre dared not reveal her true identity for fear of bringing harm to her beloved mistress, vowing to kill her captor at the first opportunity and escape.

But Ambyre had not anticipated the strong attraction that sprang up between herself and the handsome, virile Dane. Though Raff had enraptured her senses and captured her heart, Ambyre was forced to continue her deception, living in fear of Raff’s reaction when he discovered the truth. When that time came, she could only pray that the passion they shared would be mightier than his fierce warrior’s pride…

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