Kay McMahon – Defiant Spitfire


First Edition
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ISBN: 082172326X
ISBN13: 9780821723265
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Frantic that her jailed brother would be killed by the Redcoats, desperate Brittany Lockwood had no choice but to appeal to notorious Dane Remington for help. When the raven-haired captain agreed to take her part, the innocent blond beauty promised him her house her farm, anything in thanks for his aid. But when the heartless blackguard proclaimed he’d accept only her virtue in payment, Brittany was outraged. The insulted young lady would keep her word and submit to the sinuous daredevil–then get even and slay him for his underhanded ways!


Towering Dane Remington was amused when his embrace turned demure Brittany Lockwood into a fighting she-cat. He liked his women beautiful, and he liked them with spirit, and this one was sure not to disappoint! But when the hot-blooded privateer traced her luscious curves and tasted her honey-sweet lips, he realized he wanted her not vengeful and angry but passionate and willing. Determined to love her again and again until she cried out her pleasure Dane growled he d free her from his bed only after he d tamed and conquered the rebellious DEFIANT SPITFIRE

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