Johanna Lindsey – Love Me Forever



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ISBN: 0380725703
ISBN13: 9780380725700

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Still mourning her mother’s death, Lady Kimberly Richards is incensed by the determination of her father, the Earl of Amburough, to marry her off as quickly as possible — just to please the jealous lover he plans to wed. And since Kimberly harbors a deep-seated dislike of gold-diggers and the whole distasteful state of affairs, the feisty young heiress already despises the “worthy suitor” she encounters at Sherring Cross Estate: Lachlan MacGregor, the dashing,, newly impoverished Laird of Clan MacGregor.

A tryst with the handsome, haughty Lachlan seems dubious at best — especially since the rogue has designs on the married Duchess of Wrothston. But strange turns and outrageous circumstances promise to lead a woefully mismatched pair to a wildly unexpected destination — where a hard, resisting heart can open to the true glories of love.

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