Jeanne Williams – Home Mountain


St. Martin’s
ISBN: 0312927681
ISBN13: 9780312927684

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The proud, orphaned beauty left the bitter heartbreak of Texas behind forever and dared to follow her secret dreams into the soaring mountains of Arizona …where danger, adventure, and desire awaited her in the arms of a seductive gunslinger.

The fearless, virile outlaw who lived by the gun swore his heart would belong to no woman…until he met a headstrong innocent whose fiery beauty and unconquerable spirit inflamed him beyond control.

As dangerous as he Was rich, the most powerful ranger in the San Simon Valley wanted only two things–land and the one woman who stirred his hard, hungry heart…a woman he vowed would one day belong to him, body and soul.

Driven by their restless yearnings, they braved the peril of a harsh, unyielding wilderness for a love as wild and free as the magnificent frontier…


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