Fabio – Rogue



First Edition
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ISBN: 0380770474
ISBN13: 9780380770472

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You, my love, are my most reckless passion. I never dreamed you were a lady hiding in wench’s garb. A buxom barmaid in a Charleston alehouse, you enchanted me with your barbed wit and ravishing beauty. Yet, when I wagered my companions that I would bed you before the night was through, little did I realize the risk to both my life and my heart… and that my overpowering desires would compel me to aid you in a dangerous enterprise that would carry us across the ocean to England. But I will brave any peril just to taste the sweetness of your kiss. For you have enslaved this Rogue with a promise of ecstasy — and a love that will endure forever…

Fabio – Rogue

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