Fabio – Mysterious



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ISBN: 0786004916
ISBN13: 9780786004911

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Hard body, ice-blue eyes, vulnerable heart — he’s a romance hero come to life. And the secret thoughts behind his smile make him the hot mix of bad boy and angel that women can’t resist. Now let him arouse your senses in a sizzling story of suspense as an heiress is drawn to a man with a dangerous secret…
Jorey Maddock was driving through the rugged Adirondacks, on a journey of self-discovery, when she found herself trapped by a snowstorm. But soon she was rescued by handsome Sawyer Howland, a stranger whose sexual attraction was immediate — and irresistible. And even though her affair with Sawyer was leaving her dizzy with passion and very vulnerable, the return to the site of Jorey’s childhood summers soon awakened disturbing memories. Then a local woman was murdered, and Sawyer was a prime suspect. Now Jorey must find out whether Sawyer is a man to make her run for her life — or trust with her heart…

Fabio – Mysterious

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