Fabio – Dangerous



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ISBN: 0786002832
ISBN13: 9780786002832

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Once upon a time, Lexi Sinclair and Emmett Bradigan were lovers. But he was wild and reckless, end unable to settle down. Then a terrible fire took him away forever . . . on the very night Lexi gave birth to their child. Without money and facing life alone, she turned to the one person she knew she dared not trust: Emmett’s twin brother, Yale.

Rich, powerful, and used to taking what he wanted, Yale was everything the headstrong, carefree Emmett could never be. And now he swept into Lexi’s life to steal her heart with a passion that took her breath away even as she revealed a shocking secret that could shatter her faith… or create a love strong enough to last forever ….

Fabio – Dangerous

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