Barbara Hazard – The Heart Remembers



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ISBN: 0451402022
ISBN13: 9780451402028

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SHE NEVER THOUGHT SHE WOULD FEEL LIKE THIS, NEVER IMAGINED HIS LIPS WOULD BE SO MAGICAL, WOULD MOVE HER TO SUCH SENSATION…  Kate Hathaway fell wildly in love with the breathtakingly handsome and dashing Jack Reade the first time they met. But she was a stranger in aristocratic England, and he was a blue-blooded baronet enamored of a high-born beauty. Kate’s feelings were just as fiery when she met him again. This time it was in the Bermuda colony that was her home–where Jack came, betrayed and bitter, and where Kate set out to heal his hurt and wake his heart in the ravishing island that became a paradise of passion for two.


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