Sharon Spiak

Sharon Spiak
Sharon Spiak

A Romance Cover Artist With Flair

Sharon Spiak is a celebrated painter, illustrator, and costume designer residing in Barryville. Her mentor, Pino Daeni, was a huge inspiration when she was his apprentice. Her fine art has been reproduced as book covers for such lauded authors as Heather Graham, Virginia Henley, and Kat Martin.

Spiak also worked to some acclaim in portrait painting. She created a commissioned mural for Scarlett Johansson.

Her works, painted in oil, create an atmosphere of enchantment and passion. Her paintings for romance novels capture sensuality, beauty, and fantasy by using realism and captivate the viewer in the intimacy of the moment.

Photoshop has replaced the need for original painted covers, rendering romance paintings a dying art. Spiak’s meticulously preserved oil paintings on linen come with an extraordinary provenance, including photoshoots, sketches, and bills of sale to publishers for many projects. Her work represents every stage of production for illustration since she often created costumes and styled photoshoots.

Spiak has been a vital force in the romance novel community. Whether attending conventions or promoting the genre on cruise ships with fans, writers, and models, Sharon’s fantastic personality shines. Today, she continues to create and influence through costuming and styling photo shoots.


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