Max Ginsburg

Max Ginsburg


Born in France in 1931 to American parents, then raised in New York from toddlerhood onward, Max Ginsburg is an artist known for his social relevance. His career spans many decades and he has reinvented himself time and time again as an artist, an illustrator for book covers, a commercial painter, a teacher, and a voice for change.

Max Ginsburg began studying art in the 1950s. He had an eye for both quotidian scenes as well as exploring the depths of emotion and pain humans can experience. It would be fair to categorize his art style as “contemporary realism.”

Foreclosure by Max Ginsburg

Book Cover Illustrator

From 1980 to 2004, Ginsburg painted beautiful covers for big-name publishers: Avon, of course, and also Warner Books, Bantam, and Harlequin for their Historical line. He designed hundreds of covers, ranging from works like John Knowles’ A Separate Piece to Mildred D. Taylor’s Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, to Jennifer Wilde’s Love Me, Marietta.

He famously painted many covers for Lisa Kleypas when she started to work with Avon.

Suddenly YOu
Suddenly You, Lisa Kleypas, Avon, 2000


I was surprised at the vast amount of pages on the internet either dedicated to Ginsburg’s work or discussing it. However, there was no Wikipedia page for him. It goes to show, the site is not a comprehensive source for all significant information if such a glaring omission exists!

Ginsburg is still extremely active as a painter. For the last 20 years, he has been producing magnificent artwork that is relevant to the age we live in. He lives in New York City.

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