Gregg Gulbronson

An Enigma of an Artist

Gregg Gulbronson was a prolific romance cover artist in the genre for at least 20 years.

He has illustrated many books for publishers such as Zebra/ Kensington, Warner Books, Onyx, Signet, and Topaz.

gregg gulbronson
Dearly Beloved, Mary Jo Putney, Onyx, 1990

Readers of Anita Mills, Virginia Henley, Mary Jo Putney, Catherine Coulter, and other famous authors may be familiar with his artwork. His style and signature “Gregg” make his work memorable.

Lamentably, there is little information on the internet about this talented man.

Gregg Gulbronson Covers

From what I can tell, Gulbronson used spraying/airbrushing techniques, which made for a distinctive look.

His covers are instantly recognizable. Enveloped in a romantic haze, the images of clinch couples have a dreamy aura.

The Heir, Catherine Coulter, Berkley, 1996

Like many other illustrators, Gregg Gulbronson transitioned to digital in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Keen-eyed readers should still be able to determine which covers are his, as Gulbronson is one of the rare digital artists that signed his artwork.

gregg gulbronson
Lady Isabella’s Scandalous Marriage, Jennifer Ashley, Berkley, 2010

Some other covers Gulbronson has include those for Jennifer Robersons’ “Lady” series, which focuses on Lady Marian and Robin Hood.

gulbronson lady of the glen
Lady of the Glen, Jennifer Roberson, Kensington, 1997

Where Is Gregg Gulbronson Now?

Gulbronson seems to have hung up his regarding the romance genre. I cannot find any new covers designed by him in the 2020s.

Gregg Gulbronson now lives in New Jersey with his family.


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