romance book covers

Book Covers

romance book covers

Romance Cover Art

Sweet Savage Flame has got it covered when it comes to romance book covers! Clinch covers from the 1970s to 1990s were works of art.

We have pages on ARTISTS, MODELS, and more. Read about their lives, careers and admire the beauty of romance cover illustration.

Plus, every Sunday, we showcase our picks for COVERS OF THE WEEK.

We also have pages of LINKS to other sites that we consider essential references.

Covers of the Week

View our Covers of the Week pages. We release our picks of four images based on a theme every Sunday.

Cover Artists

You can search your favorite ARTISTS by name to read their biography, get links to their webistes and galleries, and view more covers. Some artists’ pages to view:

Cover Links

Read LINKS to what other sites and academics are saying about cover art.

A Sample of Beautiful Covers

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