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best era for romance

Poll: What Is the Best Era for Romance Novels?

best era for romance

What Era or Decade is Best for Romance?

Please vote in this poll for what you think is the best era in the romance genre.

Is there a golden age for books about love?

Do you like modern romances, or are you an old-school fan? If so, is there a decade in the 20th century that you like best?

Just check the circle next to your choice and click on the VOTE button to submit.

In your opinion what is the best era of romance novels?

Thanks for Voting

Your opinion is appreciated! Your vote helps us assess what romance books to review and what eras in the genre to cover.

Poll: Favorite Romance Author (Contemporary or Series)

favorite romance author

Choose Your Favorite Writer of Contemporary Romances

Who is your favorite romance author of old-school, vintage, or retro-contemporary novels? Whether series or full-length romance, Sweet Savage Flame wants to hear your choice!

Vote for any of the authors in the poll listed below. If your choice isn’t on the list, vote for “OTHER” and leave your pick in the comments.

We’ll place this poll in the sidebar so if you can’t decide now, think about it, and then come back to vote.

We can’t wait to hear who your favorites are!

Favorite Historical Romance Author Poll

vote favorite historical romance author

Vote on this Poll

We’re having a poll party! Who is your most-beloved writer of old-school, vintage, and retro romances?

Click on the poll below to vote for your favorite historical romance author.

Some Covers from the Authors

Your Opinion

If your favorite historical romance author wasn’t listed, we still want to hear from you! Please leave a comment, and let’s talk romance!