Emma Darcy

A Wife and Husband Duo

Emma Darcy Life

Emma Darcy began her career as the duo of Wendy and Frank Brennan, a husband and wife writing team from Australia.

Wendy was born in 1940 in Dorrigo, New South Wales, Australia. She had various careers, such as teaching. Wendy was reputed to be the first woman computer programmer in the southern hemisphere. Later, she met and fell in love with Frank Brennan, a pharmacist and businessman. In 1964, she and Frank were married, and Wendy left work to focus on her family. 

Wendy and Frank Brennan’s life journey took as many twists and turns as the characters in their stories. They were both avid readers who decided to put their skills to work.

Emma Darcy The Author

Wendy and Frank published their first book together in 1983 as Emma Darcy, the Mills and Boon/ Harlequin Presents #648, Twisting Shadows.

Together, they wrote 45 romance novels. As a couple, they were able to add uniquely male and female perspectives to their romances.

Sadly, their Frank and Wendy’s time together on this earth was limited. Frank passed away in 1995. After his death, Wendy continued their efforts, going on to write solo as Emma Darcy.

Emma Darcy wrote 113 books in total, the vast majority of them for the Harlequin Presents line. In addition, she also released some Harlequin Romance, full-length contemporaries, and mystery novels.

Legacy and Death

Emma Darcy was Australia’s best-selling author whose international popularity resulted in over 71 million copies sold worldwide.

Wendy Brennan was the older sister of another Harlequin Present author, Miranda Lee, whom she encouraged to write.

Darcy’s last book published with Harlequin was the 2013 Presents, His Most Exquisite Conquest.

Wendy Brennan passed away on December 21, 2020, at the age of 80. She was survived by her 5 grandchildren and 3 adult sons, and her sister, author Miranda Lee.

Partial Backlist:

Twisting Shadows (1983)
Tangle of Torment (1984)
Don’t Play Games (1985)
Fantasy (1985)
Song of a Wren (1985)
Point of Impact (1985)
The Impossible Woman (1985)
Man in the Park (1986)
Woman of Honour (1986)
Blind Date (1986)
Don’t Ask Me Now (1986)
A World Apart (1986)
The Wrong Mirror (1986)
The Unpredictable Man (1986)
The One That Got Away (1987)
Strike at the Heart (1987)
The Positive Approach (1987)
Mistress of Pillatoro (1987)
Whirlpool of Passion (1987)
Always Love (1988)
The Falcon’s Mistress (1988)
A Priceless Love (1988)
The Aloha Bride (1988)
The Ultimate Choice (1989)
The Power and the Passion (1989)
Pattern of Deceit (1989)
One-woman Crusade (1990)
Too Strong to Deny (1990)
The Colour of Desire (1990)
Bride of Diamonds (1990)
Breaking Point (1992)
High Risk (1992)
To Tame a Wild Heart (1992)
The Wedding (1992)
The Seduction of Keira (1992)
The Velvet Tiger (1992)
An Impossible Dream (1993)
The Upstairs Lover (1993)
A Very Stylish Affair (1993)
The Last Grand Passion (1993)
The Sheikh’s Revenge (1993)
A Wedding to Remember (1994)
In Need of a Wife (1994)
Burning with Passion (1995)
The Fatherhood Affair (1995)
Last Stop Marriage (1996)
The Father of Her Child (1996)
Jack’s Baby (1996)
Craving Jamie (1997)
The Secrets Within (1997)
Marriage Meltdown (1997)
Merry Christmas (1997)
The Sheikh’s Seduction (1998)
The Marriage Decider (1999)
A Marriage Betrayed (1999)
Bride of His Choice (1999)
The Hot-blooded Groom (2001)
Claiming His Mistress (2001)
Mistress to a Tycoon (2001)
A Spanish Marriage (2004)
Hot Blooded Affairs (2007)
The Master Player (2009)
Billionaires’ Marriages (2010)
Hidden Mistress, Public Wife (2010)
Wife in Public (2011)
The Costarella Conquest (2011)
An Offer She Can’t Refuse (2012)

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