Month: May 2022

Different Books, Same Cover #2

Have you ever noticed you own two different books with the same cover? Recycling cover art is quite common in the book industry. Publishers often re-use artwork to save money or time. Previously we mentioned the Instagram hashtag #covertwinning. This was the brainchild of biologistreadsromance, who also created the hashtag #stepbacktwinning.

Covers of the Week #60

Bruce Emmett is a Canadian-born artist whose romance covers are marked by a naturalistic aspect. For the week of Monday, May 30, 2022, to Sunday, June 4, 2022, we’re displaying some stunning Bruce Emmett covers for you to marvel at.

bruce emmett

Asian or Pacific Islander Heroines in Retro Romances

Last week we posted a list of Asian-descended heroes in old school or retro romances. Here, were have a more comprehensive collection of pre-2000s romances with heroines of Oriental heritage.

Covers of the Week #59

For the week of Monday, May 23, 2022, to Sunday, May 29, 2022, let’s enjoy the beauty of the merry month of May with a floral tribute. These romance covers are blooming with beauty and love!

scarlet lady ginsburg cover flowers

Asian or Pacific Islander Heroes in Retro Romance

Sweet Savage Flame highlights heroes in old school or retro romance books who were of East Asian or Pacific Islander descent. In older romances, unfortunately, these heroes weren’t very prevalent.

Romance Firsts: The First Kissing Couple on a Cover

The 1980 Mills & Boon reissue of Violet Winspear’s book Lucifer’s Angel is said to be the first romance (contemporary or category, anyway, not so sure about historicals) to feature a kissing couple on the cover. And what a pretty one it is.

Historical Romance Review: Midnight Fires by Carol Finch

This review is of Midnight Fires by Carol Finch. This Zebra historical romance set during the war of 1812 is a typical Carol Finch book. It’s very good, but lacking the dynamic qualities to make it great. 4 stars

midnight fires carol finch

Covers of the Week #58

For the week of Monday, May 16, to Sunday, May 22, 2022, we’re trying not to laugh at these heroes who are attempting to put the moves on their heroines who aren’t having any of it!

love me marietta

A Closer Look At Dell Publishing

Dell used to be a huge publisher of fiction and in particular romance. They hopped on the romance market when many other publishers ignored the genre. At one point, they were in direct competition with Harlequin.

Celebrities on Romance Book Covers

Before they were famous, their faces were on book covers. While these celebrities appeared in various genres, we’re limiting our focus to romance. It’s always fun to track the career of the rich and famous to their humble beginnings, especially if they posed for clinches!


Historical Romance Review: Pirate’s Wild Paradise by Kate Douglas

This review is of Pirate’s Wild Paradise a standalone Zebra romance from February 1989 by Kate Douglas. The book starts in Port Royale, Jamaica, with the heroine about to get married. However, her ceremony is interrupted by our hero and Jamie’s former lover. 3 stars

pirates wild embrace

Covers of the Week #57

For the week of Monday, May 9, 2022, to Sunday, May 15, 2022, here are some gorgeous romance covers illustrated by Gordon Johnson.

Historical Romance Review: Shanna by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

In 1977 Kathleen E. Woodiwiss’ long-awaited third novel made romance history as Avon released Shanna in trade paperback edition. I’ve long had a tenuous relationship with Woodiwiss’ romances., but I am glad I read Shanna. 3.74 stars

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