Month: March 2022

Happy One Year Birthday to Sweet Savage Flame

It’s March 30, 2022! As always, Sweet Savage Flame is a little late to the party, even our own. We’re night owls so days don’t start until late morning for us. One year ago today, we uploaded our first post to this blog/ website, Welcome to Sweet Savage Flame. We had modest ideas for what we’d be doing, and now we’re branching out to be amateur historical record keepers of the romance genre.

one year birthday

Category Romance Review: Beloved Deceiver by Flora Kidd

Flora Kidd’s Beloved Deceiver still sticks out in my mind for one big reason. It’s the only Harlequin/Mills-and-Boon I’ve read to feature a hero from the Dominican Republic, which is my parents’ birth country. 3.45 stars

flora kidd beloved deceiver

Covers of the Week #51

For the week of Monday, March 28, 2022, to Sunday, April 3, 2022, we’re ending the month of March with the theme of green romance covers.

love and triumph mcginnis

Historical Romance Review: Rebel Vixen by Dana Ransom

In Dana Ransom’s Zebra Heartfire romance, Rebel Vixen a Southern woman and Northern soldier find love during the Civil War. As the Civil War rages throughout the United States, Miss Savannah Russell is on a ship in the Caribbean where she saves a Yankee sailor’s life. 5 stars

Rebel Vixen

Games And Puzzles #1

Try our new romance word search puzzle. If you like this, we’ll create more puzzles, from crosswords to jigsaws to quizzes, and more! Let us know in the comments if you like this new feature!

romance wordsearch

One Book, Multiple Covers #1: The Velvet Promise

We’re introducing yet another new feature here at Sweet Savage Flame! This One Book, Multiple Covers series will look at the original cover art for a popular romance novel and then compare it to re-issues and foreign language or alternate editions. Today, we’re focusing on The Velvet Promise by Jude Deveraux.

one book many covers the velvet promise

Category Romance Review: Could It Be Magic by Gina Wilkins

Gina Wilkins’ Could It Be Magic is a comfy romance read. It’s a sensually-charged Harlequin Temptation from the early 1990s. Gwen DeClerck is a staid, young widow, who had been married to a man twice her age. When Jeremy Kane, a famous magician moves next door, he turns her stable world upside down with excitement and passion. 4 stars

could it be magic

Covers of the Week #50

For the week of Monday, March 21, 2022, to Sunday, March 27, 2022, we’re celebrating our 50th edition of Covers of the Week, and the 1 year anniversary of Sweet Savage Flame with futuristic romances that are out of this world.

Keeper of the Heart

Happy Vernal Equinox (First Day of Spring) 2022

Happy Spring! (Or if you’re located on the other side of the planet, Happy Autumn!) There’s nothing like the first romance in bloom. In Latin languages, the word for Spring translates into “first-seen” (Italian, Spanish, & Portuguese “primavera”) as in, the first seen sight of life–or love.

happy spring

8 Irish Romances Set in the Emerald Isle

As it is St. Patrick’s Day, we thought you might be in the mood for something a little bit Irish. These eight old-school historical romances are set on the Emerald Isle. We’ll be reading Irish romances on March 17. Whatever way you’re spending your day, spend it doing something you love!

selective focus photo of st patrick s day props

Category Romance Review: Wish on the Moon by Sally Wentworth

Wish on the Moon by Sally Wentworth has gotten mixed to low reviews around the internet, but it’s a romance I fully enjoyed. This is an unusual romance because technically, the heroine is “the other woman.” She comes in and breaks up a seemingly happy engagement–and not just a random stranger’s but her cousin’s. 4 stars

wish on the moon

Cassie Edwards: A Formula For Success (and Controversy)

In a previous post, I wrote about one of my favorite authors, Cassie Edwards. Before plagiarism allegations ended her career, she was billed as the “Queen of Indian Romance.” In this post, I will write about the formula Mrs. Edwards used to become a New York Times bestselling author of Native American romances.

Savage Bliss

Covers of the Week #49

Here in the United States, March is recognized as Irish Heritage Month. This week also sees the arrival of St. Patrick’s Day, who is the patron Saint of Ireland. For the week of Monday, March 14, 2022, to Sunday, March 26, 2020, let’s appreciate some romance covers featuring American-set romances with protagonists of Irish ancestry.

rainbow's end duillo

Stepback Covers Part VII: Stepback & Modern Romance Novels

By the dawn of the 21st millennium, the stepback was the pinnacle of cover art in the romance genre. The combination of a best-selling author, a prominent artist, and fantastic design aesthetics meant quality all around. The stepback was an acceptable middle-ground and proved to be constant in an era of transformation.

modern stepback covers 7
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