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Historical Romance Review: Texas Treasure by Victoria Thompson

This review is of Texas Treasure, book #1 in the “The Cowboy and the Lady” series by Victoria Thompson. It is not a bad book, but it is also not a dynamic one, with too many issues to keep it from being a very good book. 3 stars

texas treasure

Covers of the Week #43

George H. Jones was an artist with amazing talent. While not as well-known as Duillo, Pino, or McGinnis, his work is equally as compelling. For the week of Monday, February 7, 2022, to Sunday, February 13, let’s appreciate the handiwork of George H. Jones.


Category Romance Review: Melting Ice by Rosalie Ash

Melting Ice by Rosalie Ash is a hard little book to find in its original form. It was released by Mills & Boon in 1989 but only published as a special edition for Harlequin Romance subscribers. The book was #55 of that line. I’d give Melting Ice 2.95 stars.

melting ice davies

Category Romance Review: Lovers Touch by Penny Jordan

For me, Penny Jordan is an author who’s all over the place. One book can be great, another full of crazy-sauce, others on the blah side. Sadly, her Lover’s Touch is kind of blah. The two protagonists are kept apart by big misunderstandings and lack of communication, which is never fun. 2.5 stars

lovers touch

5 Signs You May Be Addicted To Romance Novels

Do you primarily read romance? So do tens of millions of people worldwide! Perhaps you think your reading has become an obsession? We can help you identify the symptoms of romance addiction. Our team at Sweet Savage Flame has pinpointed five signs that may indicate an unhealthy dependency on this bestselling genre.

5 signs addicted to romance

Historical Romance Review: Raven by Shana Carrol

Raven by Shana Carol (aka Christina Savage, aka Mr. Kerry Newcomb & Mr. Frank Schaeffer) is a riveting bodice-ripper. It’s a pirate adventure that features a kickass, resilient heroine whom I adore. It also stars a hero who isn’t worthy to lick the underside of her shoes. This is one of those books I both hate and love and wavered for a long time what rating to give it. 3.49 stars


Covers of the Week #42

This Covers of the Week for Monday, January 24, 2022, to Sunday, January 30 displays pretty historical romance covers with couples in a clinch pose and heroines losing their tops and having a grand ole time of it.

moon rider

Category Romance Review: Woman Hater by Diana Palmer

Woman Hater (what a title!) by Diana Palmer is a 1987 Silhouette romance that seems to be typical of the author’s style. The heroine is young, virginal, and escaping from a tragic past. The hero is a macho, Alpha male, who is also burned by the past, which makes him a “woman-hater.” 3 stars

woman hater palmer

10 Vintage Romance Authors Relevant Today

These authors have been successful in the romance genre for 25, 30, or even 40 years. Their contributions to the industry are numerous. These women have won many awards and sold tens of millions of books.

10 vintage

Historical Romance Review: Sweet Savage Love by Rosemary Rogers

Where to begin with this review? Sweet Savage Love by the great Rosemary Rogers is–along with The Flame and the Flower–the blockbuster historical that launched a new genre: the modern romance novel. Published in 1974, this doorstopper epic was a monumental game-changer in an era of social transformation. 4.24 stars

Sweet Savage love

Author Spotlight: Cassie Edwards

For Blue Falcon’s first author spotlight for Sweet Savage Flame, we want to focus on the prolific, but controversial author Cassie Edwards. 

cassie edwards spotlight

Category Romance Review: Guarded Moments by JoAnn Ross

JoAnn Ross’s Harlequin Temptation, Guarded Moments, introduces us to the princess Montcroix, the haughty Chantal Giraudeau. It’s up to Special Agent Caine O’Bannion to be on call as Chantal’s bodyguard. 3.59 stars

guarded moments

Covers of the Week #41 Alessandro Biffignandi

Alessandro Biffignandi was an Italian comic artist. For the week of Monday, January 17 to Sunday, January 23, 2022, here are some bright Alessandro Biffignandi painted romance covers. Enjoy!

beloved bondage kincaid

Sweet Savage Flame: What We Are & What We Want To Be

More than just a blog where we post reviews of romance novels written prior to 2000, I want Sweet Savage Flame to be a source of valuable information regarding romance’s history. I want to know what was written, by whom, and maybe find out why. So, Sweet Savage Flame reviews vintage and old-school romances, we talk about authors, publishers, and cover artists and models. Should we be doing more?

mission statement

Overlooked or Underrated Romances: Bodice Rippers

In this series, we will focus on some underrated or overlooked romance novels. As I love them so much, we’re first looking at bodice rippers. These are the historical romances that revitalized romance with their unapologetic gratuitous nature, be it with sex or violence. Some of these bodice rippers are not as well known as others we have previously discussed on Sweet Savage Flame, but we think they are worthy of attention.

overlooked romances

Category Romance Review: Hard To Get by Carole Mortimer

Oh boy, when I read “the heroine in pursuit plot” synopsis for this Harlequin Presents, was I ever excited to read it. Heroines who are determined to get their men are my favorite kinds! Alas, when the object of said pursuit is a mean arsehole, the chase isn’t worth it. Still, Hard to Get by Carole Mortimer was a wild, emotional whirlwind. With a more charismatic hero, I could have loved this as opposed to liking it. 3.62 stars

hard to get mortimer

Our Top 9 Reads (or Re-Reads) of 2021

Sweet Savage Flame’s posted over 300 book reviews in 2021. We’re making a list of our “best” reviews of the year. Let’s take a look at 9 fantastic romances–written up to 25, 35, or even 45 years ago–which we wrote about in 2021 and gave 5-star ratings.

top vintage reads
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