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Covers of the Week #25

Artist Ken Otsuka

Some romance cover artists work for only a brief time period in the field yet leave a lasting impact. Japanese-born-American artist Ken Otsuka painted sweet book covers in the 1990s for publishing houses such as Kensington’s Zebra and Bantam’s Fanfare lines. For over 40 years Otsuka has worked in commercial and then fine arts. His seascapes are so realistic, you can swear you hear the ocean while gazing upon them.

Whether he created romantic moonscapes, fantasy-romance clinch covers, or whimsical stepbacks featuring a swan-lake or snowy background, his artwork appeals to the romantic senses.

For the week of Monday, September 27, 2021, to Sunday, October 3, let’s take delight in the beauty of Ken Otsuka’s romance covers!

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  1. Thanks so much, Jacqueline! All these covers are gorgeous. But I like the second one best. A hot dude, an emo chick, a fairytale castle, pink morning glories. And a kitty!

    Say, did you notice that the female models in the second and fourth illustrations are wearing the same dress? Otsuka must’ve liked it!

  2. MaryAnne, not only do you have sharp eyes, but fabulous taste! That’s my favorite cover, too. The kitty cat sealed it!

    As for the twin outfits…I was so busy focusing on another cover that looked similar to Lady Defiant, I neglected to notice the EXACT matching outfit on Promise Me Magic! 😀

    Now that I think about it, quite a few artists did used the same garments for covers. Although, they usually switched up the color schemes. Still, I like this. I can add it to my Pinterest as a twinning pin.

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