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Covers of the Week #20

In 1971 singer/songwriter Carole King wrote the lovely song: “You’ve Got a Friend,” which detailed the lasting strength of love. James Taylor recorded it to great acclaim. Other artists like Dusty Springfield and Michael Jackson would put their own twists on the tune. These simple lyrics always stick with me:

Winter, spring, summer, fall
All you have to do is call…


The power of love is as old as the Earth and as constant as the four seasons. To live is to love! At Sweet Savage Flame, romance is in the air all year long. So to celebrate, from Monday, August 23, 2021, to Sunday, August 29, our 20th edition of Covers of the Week highlights four beautiful romance covers set during Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

Do you have a favorite season for romance?

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  1. Beautiful covers this week, as you usually pick, Jacqueline.

    I’m not sure I have a specific favorite season for romance, but I do love my contemporary romances to be set in spring and summer, as it brings things like beaches, resorts, etc, into play. (Although I have read and loved romances set in all four seasons).

  2. Hello Blue Falcon!

    It’s been so frustrating trying to respond to posts lately. My circulation and arthritis are acting up again so I’ve been using text to speech to navigate this site, but for some reason, my phone won’t upload comments. This must be the fourth reply I’ve sent. Apologies for my poor typing

    I hope your days are passing sweetly. Around here we’re still at sixes and sevens even though daughter’s out of the house. I listened to those songs you recommended and they did make me whistful for times past. Personally, I always tear up when I hear Darius Rucker’s “It won’t be like this for all.”

    Thank you for the comments about the covers. I agree, in romances, I love reading the ones set in summer or in the tropics. But the reality is different. I remember loving summer as a kid, but they are so humid now, I can’t go outside and enjoy them. That’s why my most romantic times of the year are May & June and September and October when the colors are bright and the weather is nice and refreshing.

    I hope this comment goes through…

  3. Hi, Jacqueline.

    You may already be aware of this, so I apologize if I’m repeating information you already know. Constance O’Banyon, one of the authors you feature in this post, did an entire series on the seasons called “Savage Seasons of Blackfoot”, with each book representing a season. I’ve read and reviewed them all and you can access them if you wish.

    • Yes, and all the covers from the series were fabulous to look at! Although, I wanted to add other books from other artists to the list. I will upload the reviews in order. Denise Domning who’s also included here, wrote a series of Medieval romances set in eash season as well. In the 2000s, Lisa Kleypas wrote a series based on Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter. Isn’t it weird how we start the seasons off with winter, which is basically the death season, just because it’s the first season when the new year changes? Logic should say the seasons start with Spring, as that is the beginning of life. Just another one of my odd musings.

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