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Covers of the Week #15

The Duillo family was filled with artistic talent. There was John Duillo, the great pulp cover artist. Of course, his wife Elaine was a pioneer for women in the field. She not only painted pulp covers but went on to become the “Queen of Romance Covers.” However, did you know their daughter, Melissa Duillo Gallo, was a talented artist as well?

In the 1980s – 1990s, Melissa, who used the surname Gallo after her marriage, was a prolific historical romance cover artist, creating works for publishers such as Avon, Dell, Warner, Zebra, and more. While she and her mother no longer illustrate romance covers, Melissa is still creating art as a talented painter. Melissa Gallo Paints is where you can get access to her current work. I also have a dedicated Pinterest page to her romance covers here.

For a long time, I used to get Elaine and Melissa’s artwork confused, unintentionally mislabelling one of the books below as Elaine’s! Now I can spot the differences between mom’s and her daughter’s work. For one thing, Melissa preferred her models to wear more clothes, and also, she was more conservative with the use of eyeshadow, especially for the heroes! Both ladies, Duillo, collaborated with supermodel Fabio many times.

Here are some lovely romance covers that Melissa Duillo Gallo designed for you to enjoy for the week starting Monday, July 19 to Sunday, July 25,

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  1. Thanks again, Jacqueline. Beautiful covers! You really know how to pick ’em!

    Did you notice the castle in the background of the cover Melissa Gallo created for Roxanne Becnel’s “My Gallant Enemy”? That’s right. Eilean Donan again. Just like in the John Ennis cover you posted in your cover art article a week ago. Must be a pretty popular spot for torrid clinches!

    • Wow, how did you see that? That’s some crazy synchronicity coming from the universe or Eilean Donan is the Big Ben of castles.

      Hmm. That did not sound right.

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