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Covers of the Week #14

For the week starting Monday, July 12 to Sunday, July, 18, I thought some Historical Highland romance novels or Scottish-themed covers would be a bonny sight for your eyes to enjoy.

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  1. That, Jacqueline. Nice covers!

    I like the first one best. In Tom Hall’s illo it looks like the guy and the girl have just finished getting down to business. And whereas in modern times one of them might turn on the radio or tap a music app, here the man picks up and plays a lute!

    The Elaine Duillo cover might well be the most restrained one she ever painted. And do you recognize the castle in the background of the John Ennis cover? That’s right. It’s Eilean Donan.

    The second cover, by Robert McGinnis, is quite remarkable. I’ve read that the publisher had to crop the right side of the original painting. It showed the guy’s butt!

  2. Sharp eye on the covers, Mary Anne! Tom Hall created such beautiful ones for the Jan Cox Speas Avon rereleases, I hard a difficult time deciding which one to use. You’re right this one does look like afterglow of lovemaking! 😊

    As for the infamous Gentle Feuding cover, check this out:

    The image is also my most popular Pinterest!

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