4 stars and a half

Historical Romance Mini-Review: Raven by Evelyn Rogers

Raven, Evelyn Rogers, Zebra, 1995 cover artist TBD

From the back of the book:

Haunted by memories of the terrible night that left her innocence shattered, Raven Chadwick prefers the world of make-believe to the cruel realities of everyday life. So she leaves her girlhood home of Savannah to pursue a stage career — and uncover a mysterious family secret.

In London, Raven meets Marcus Bannerman, the enigmatic Earl of Stafford. Powerful and hotly sensual, he fills her with doubt — and awakening desire…

Then Raven discovers the truth that was once hidden amid the shadows of the elegant Stafford mansion — a secret that could change her life. Only if she believes in herself and the man she adores will Raven be able to take on her greatest role: a woman ready to fight for her true, undying love!


4 1/2 Stars

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The Book

Evelyn Roger’s Raven was one of those books with a little bit of everything: of course, there’s romance–the chemistry between the protagonists Marcus and Raven was sizzling, but there’s also adventure, painful tragedy, and a dash of gothic intrigue.

The Plot

Raven, an American Southerner living in England, is a broken woman with a tainted past. She has to learn to let go of her hurts to become the mature, independent woman she was destined to be.

Acting is her calling and Raven takes to the London stage.

Marcus Bannerman is just the man she needs. He is a wealthy and arrogant nobleman, but he can be a kind, understanding man. Marcus is a very patient and dedicated lover. He was an incredibly sensual hero, and the dialogue between him and Raven was so steamy!

Besides having to get over the major trauma she experienced long ago, now there is danger afoot that could threaten Raven’s life!

Final Analysis of Raven

I’ve read several books by Evelyn Rogers, and I’ve always been impressed. This was one of her best romances so far!

Raven was the second in a series of books about three sisters trying to flee from their pasts. I’ve yet to read them all, although I will correct that very soon because Raven was an excellent read.

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