4 stars

Historical Romance Review: The Silver Link by Patricia Potter

The Silver Link, Patricia Potter, Harlequin, 1990, Pino cover art

Harlequin Historical #63

4 stars

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Book

In Patricia Potter’s The Silver Link, Antonia and Tristan are from two different worlds. Nevertheless, their forbidden love unites them. They share a link that never can be severed.

The Plot

Tristan Hampton is a Virginian military man. He is on a mission to ensure Albuquerque’s stable transition from Mexican rule to American governance.

Antonia Ramirez is from a noble, land-owning Spanish family whose New Mexican roots go back generations. Her family– and more importantly her would-be husband, Ramon–are wary of the Yanqui soldier.

When Antonia and Tristan meet, it’s an instant love that threatens both their worlds.

This was one of my first Harlequin Historicals. It was a romantic tale of two people from different societies whose lives are entwined through love. I enjoyed how Tris and Tonia would always find times to meet in secret. Forbidden love is at its best here.

Just a warning for those who shrink from violence: The Silver Link is also very violent and bloody. Tristan is shot, beaten, and has to save Antonia numerous times.

If you’re interested in a love story with some action, or like reading about the Mexican-American War era, The Silver Link is a great book.

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