1 star and a half

Historical Romance Review: Texas Princess by Veronica Blake

Texas Princess, Veronica Blake, Zebra, 1992, cover artist TBD

1 1/2 stars

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

As usual, the folks at Zebra were just slapping generic titles onto these books as just a tiny portion of Texas Princess is set in Texas. The hero and heroine travel across the western US and they only get to the Lonestar State at the very end of the book.

The main recollection about this book that that sticks with me is that I kept wondering: “When do they get to Texas? The book’s almost over. What about Texas?” Not a good sign. The editors could have gone with something like Gypsy Princess (although perhaps in today’s environment that would be seen as insensitive), Emerald Princess, or Forbidden Passions. I checked & none of those titles were taken.

As for the book itself?

Sad to say that Texas Princess was a forgettable Zebra Heartfire. Tasmin, the eponymous Texas princess who is not actually royalty from America’s 28th state, is betrothed to the leader of her Roma tribe, a kind and handsome man. However, she falls for a gadjo cowboy drifter, Blayde (I think that was his name) instead. Passion ensues. Tasmin is banished from all that is familiar to her because of her forbidden love. The hero has his own inner demons to battle and isn’t looking for commitment. Destiny ties them together as he and Tasmin trek through the West. Tasmin & Blayde only have each other for support, yet can these two people from differing backgrounds make true love work?

Not for nothing, but this is a standard romance novel, so what else do you think is going to happen?

Dull, dull book, but I’ll give it an extra half star because I like the cover.

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