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Category Romance Review: Simply Irresistible by Miranda Lee

Simply Irresisitible, Miranda Lee, Harlequin, 1993, cover artist unknown

The Australians

From the back of the book:

Ross Everton was the sexiest single guy the Outback had to offer! The most eligible man at the annual Bachelors’ and Spinsters’ Ball, the handsome rancher knew WHO he wanted – and he wanted her NOW!…Vivien Roberts thought she was a streetwise Sydney girl, but dancing in Ross’s arms made it hard to be sensible – and after tonight they might never meet again… But neither would forget their one night together: Vivien was expecting Ross’s baby. Irresistible sexual attraction was one thing…being married was quite another!

4 1/2 Stars

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The Australians was a special short run of Harlequin books featuring sexy heroes from the Outback. If you have never read Harlequin Presents, then maybe this isn’t your style of book, but I loved it! Simply Irresistible by Miranda Lee had everything: sex, humor, and romance.

Vivien gets cruelly dumped by her boyfriend and three days later ends up in the arms of the very sexy Ross Everton at the Bachelor and Spinster’s Ball. They have an amazingly intense one-night stand, then go their separate ways. When Vivien finds out she’s pregnant, he’s determined to do the honorable thing, even though Ross may have had another woman waiting in the wings…

Their shotgun wedding turns from a marriage of convenience into a sexual relationship. But is their physical attraction all Ross and Vivien share? Can they make it last forever?

This plot had been done countless times before, but with Miranda Lee’s witty dialogue and the simply irresistible hero, it comes off very fresh.

Definitely a keeper.

Reviewed by Introvert Reader

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