Updates #3

Hello, again! I hope all is well on your end. My family is going through a bit of a trying time right now, as one of our beloved cats has departed from us and it hurts terribly to think about her being gone. I’m trying to keep myself busy with writing, blogging, and fixing up this site, so I hope you don’t mind my updates flooding your inbox.

As you might see, I’ve added a bit more to the site: more book reviews, more cover artists, and more information regarding publishing houses, author biographies, and backlists. Plus I’ve expanded the scope of Sweet Savage Flame to include other categories of romance that were published in the post-Flame and the Flower era to the turn of the millennium. I want this site to be a valuable source of historical information for romance bibliophiles.

So now when you go to the MENU bar you can access books and authors by historical romance or category romance (contemporary) genres.

If there are authors or books you’d like to see represented here, please drop a comment and let me know. For example, I’m currently working on Charlotte Lamb and Penny Jordan pages.

These topics can be easily accessed from the MENU bar:






Another dozen or so reviews have been added. Just go to the MENU to search BOOK REVIEW by genre, category line, author, rating, or in alphabetical order by title. You can also access reviews by clocking on LATEST TOPICS.


I will be adding more information and pictures to current pages as well as uploading new ones. Please subscribe to SweetSavageFlame.com to keep updated on any changes or new blog posts. If you have any recommendations or requests for reviews, please comment or email me at jacquelinediazromance@gmail.com

Happy reading and hug your loved ones!

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